How to unlock new classes in Disgaea 7

How to unlock new classes in Disgaea 7

There are many character classes in Disgaea 7. You’ll probably want to master most of them, just to gain access to exciting new abilities that will allow you to rule the battlefield. Unfortunately, many class options are not available from the start of the campaign. Here’s our guide on how to unlock new classes in Disgaea 7.


Disgaea 7 – How to Unlock New Classes

When you first start playing Disgaea 7, you will only have a few party members. This situation will change once you start using  Recruiter   . For a fee paid in  HL  , you can recruit additional party members. However, the action lacks a lot of interesting activities. To unlock new classes, you need to complete various requirements using the classes already available.

How to unlock new classes in Disgaea 7

At the beginning of the game, only standard classes are available. You should find a few of them that you like and hire them. Strengthen your new friends in battle by increasing class skill. As you progress through the campaign, you’ll soon unlock  the Quest Shop  .


In the quest store, accept missions. There really isn’t a mission you wouldn’t want to accept, even if you plan to ignore it. To save time, I accepted the first few dozen missions in bulk. The missions you accept offer various prizes for fulfilling certain conditions. Some of these prizes are new character classes. For example, you get the opportunity to create the  Marksman  and  Marksman classes  , helping a character who uses  firearms  reach weapon proficiency level 5.

Check back regularly for new missions that you can accept or mark as completed. Not all character classes become available for the same reasons. I added  Kunoichi  to the recruit list, paying, for example, over 5000 HL to hire a Gunner. To hire  a Sea Angel  , you need to turn in 10 healing items.

Many quest rewards come with  secret scrolls  that you can learn to use  Evil  , but don’t overlook the ones that allow you to unlock new character classes.

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