How To Unlock Rebirth In NBA 2K24

How To Unlock Rebirth In NBA 2K24

Rebirth in NBA 2K24 is an extremely useful perk to unlock to gain advantage in your future MyPlayer builds.

How to unlock Rebirth in NBA 2K24

The requirements and process of unlocking Rebirth in NBA 2K24 are pretty much the same as previous games, with slight changes.

To unlock rebirth, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Find Ronnie2K
  • Talk to Ronnie2K
  • Hit 90 OVR on your first MyPlayer Build

Now the main questions are how to find Ronnie2K. Where will he be? What are the requirements that need to be met when meeting him?

How to find Ronnie2K to unlock Rebirth perk

Fortunately, in NBA 2K24, there’s an early quest that helps you locate Ronnie 2K. However, even if you decide not to pursue this quest, you can still track him down. Regardless of your chosen path, Ronnie 2K can be readily found on the southernmost beach of the map. Simply head straight from the space between the RISE and ELITE affiliation buildings toward the beach, and you’ll spot him.

You’ll find Ronnie2K outside near the rocks on the 3v3 Beachfront Court. Additionally, when you accept the quest and track it, Ronnie 2K’s location will be highlighted on the map, making it effortless to find him.

Once you’ve located Ronnie, engage in a conversation with him, and aim to reach a 90 Overall Rating (OVR) with your first MyPlayer Build.

There are several ways to achieve this milestone. You can either play the game or purchase 250,000 VC (Virtual Currency) within the game to attain a 90 OVR. The simplest and most cost-effective route to a 90 OVR is by participating in NBA matches or venturing into the city to challenge other players to a game.

Once you’ve accrued enough VC, invest it to boost your build’s rating to 90 OVR, and you will successfully unlock the Rebirth perk.

What does the Rebirth perk do?

What makes NBA 2K24 Rebirth stand out, and why should you contemplate unlocking it? The significance of Rebirth lies in the rewarding benefits it offers to players who have already put in substantial effort to attain a 90 OVR rating.

With the Rebirth perk, any future MyPlayer builds you create will commence with a base 90 OVR, eliminating the need for further grinding. Moreover, the Rebirth perk bestows the following advantages upon you:

  • 5% boost to badge level progression
  • Your badges will start at Silver if you meet the other requirements



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