How to unlock the battle slide in Starfield

How to unlock the battle slide in Starfield

In Starfield  you have a range of unlockable skills and perks. Some of them, like Persuasion, are incredibly useful in conversation. Others, like ballistics, are for when all the talking is over. To expand your capabilities in battle, you may want to consider purchasing a Battle Slide – and here’s how to unlock it in Starfield.


Getting a combat slide is easy. However, finding it is not so easy. You unlock the battle slide by putting a point in the Gymnastics skill  . That’s all. If you’ve been looking through the extensive list of skills you can obtain as part of  Starfield’s leveling system  , this step has probably escaped you. I was without it for about 55 hours of playing the game. But now I have it, and I have it in mind. Is the entrance fee worth it? Fine…

Okay, but  is the battle slide worth  unlocking in  Starfield  ?

Did you know that we have published a list of the best skills that can be unlocked in the early stages  of Starfield  ? There is no gymnastics and, accordingly, combat gliding in it. And there’s probably a reason. This sucks. Even on a planet with about half Earth’s gravity, my character could only glide a foot or two before coming to an abrupt stop. Not every game implements a slide the way  Apex Legends does  . Maybe that’s fine, but when I’m being chased by dozens of hostile laser beams, I’d like a little more mobility.


The combat slide in  Starfield  is designed to get you into cover and crouched quickly. It gets the job done, and that’s the highest praise I can give this move. So if you think this will tie your combat experience together like a Persian rug, go for it. But I had some buyer’s remorse. It doesn’t even look cool in third person mode.

Getting Gymnastics to rank 4 might help. At max rank, you gain a temporary movement speed boost after sliding or flying over objects or walls. However, getting there will require a lot of fall damage. This is similar to leveling up your acrobatics skills in  The Elder Scrolls .


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