Cyberpunk 2077

How to Unlock the Secret Devil Ending in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Unlock the Secret Devil Ending in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Unlock the Secret Devil Ending in Cyberpunk 2077

Picture this: you’re deeply engrossed in Cyberpunk 2077, helping Takemura avenge Saburo Arasaka’s death, when bam! An unexpected twist! After suffering a major noggin’ knock, you find yourself in a space station ready for some cutting-edge medical magic. And here’s where the real fun begins.


  • Go with Option 1: Say yes to the medical program and get your consciousness neatly archived for some future adventures. It’s like getting a second life token!
  • Choose Option 2: Head back to good ol’ Earth, living your life to the fullest with the knowledge that time is ticking (but hey, make it count!).

And as the story unwinds, here comes another curveball: a hidden photo of a devil within a Rubik’s Cube! Intrigued? Let’s dive deeper!


Guide to Unlocking the Ending Epilogue

How to Save Takemura

To see the ending epilogue, you must save Takemura during “Search and Destroy”. It’s simple – just follow these steps:

  • First, knock four times (not three, not five!) on the door of a certain building.
  • Have a chit-chat with Takemura and Hanako.
  • Brace yourself; the police will crash your little party, separating you from Takemura.
  • Overcome the enemies and find Takemura, who’s probably scared and hiding in a room.
  • Then, be a hero and escort Takemura to safety.

If you nail it and Takemura is saved, he’ll pop up again in the Epilogue. If not, you’ll see Hellman instead (no pressure!)

Conversations with Johnny Silverhand

At the “Nocturne Op55N1” mission finale, share a moment with Johnny Silverhand, musing, “Considering the risks, trusting Arasaka seems worth it.” Ah, the suspense!

Ending Missions Order

Ready for the grand finale? Complete these missions in order:

  1. “Last Caress”
  2. “Totalimmortal”
  3. “Where is My Mind?”

Key Choices in “Where is My Mind?”

During “Where is My Mind?”, post-procedure at the space station, your choices carve the path:

  • Sign the Contract if you have a thirst for life.
  • Refuse to Sign if you fancy a trip back to Earth, knowing it’s a short visit.

Choosing to sign means your consciousness gets virtually archived (futuristic, right?), while refusing leads to an Earth return but with limited time due to your injuries. And here’s a pro tip: To snag the Devil trophy/achievement, keep Takemura alive until the end of “Total Immortal”!


Thank you for reading How to Unlock the Secret Devil Ending in Cyberpunk 2077, I hope this guide help you!

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