How to use Bogdonov Liquor Boutique in Starfield

How to use Bogdonov Liquor Boutique in Starfield

As you explore the universe, you will be able to find certain unique items. By unique, I mean items that you’re stuck with until you find your purpose in the Milky Way. Today we’re going to talk about  Bogdonova Boutique Liqueur  , a premium drink that you might not know what to do with at Starfield. Don’t worry, if there is alcohol somewhere, there will always be someone who wants to drink it.


Starfield: How to drink Bogdonova Boutique liqueur

Whether you found the item through your research or were tasked with finding it, Bogdonov’s Boutique Liqueur is something of a delicacy. You can’t use it, you can’t equip it, and for many players this means you can spend hours trying to find an NPC who needs this liquor. Well, to begin to explain the nature of this Liquor in the Starfield, we will have to  go to Gagarin, located in the Alpha Centauri system  .

Star Field: quest “A Sure Bet”

There you will meet Lizzie, a bartender who is looking for a more premium drink to offer to new visitors to the Gagarin landing stage. Interact with her and select the dialogue option “I’m looking for a job.” She will then ask you to get her a rare and valuable liquor and sell it to her clients. And, in case you were wondering, yes, this liqueur is Bogdonov’s Boutique. This is the start of the “A Sure Bet” quest. If you already have alcohol, just give it away. Scroll through the credits. If not, keep reading.

You will find Bogdonov’s Liquor Boutique aboard the Deimos armored personnel carrier  . This is an abandoned transport that looks more like a labyrinth than a ship. Inside you will meet pirates, so be sure to stock up on powerful weapons. Not only that, but you’ll have to deal with sporadic weightlessness, so you’ll be floating around the ship. You’ll also have to solve puzzles, but nothing too difficult. The hardest part will be getting through the ship and getting back.

Once you open the door in the first area, go back and go through it. Use zero gravity to go up into the room and  you will find a military liquor case from Bogdonov’s boutique  . This is a box containing several bottles of this rare and expensive liqueur. Return to Gagarinskaya Gavan and give the liquor to Lizzie  . She will reward you for your efforts, and you will unravel the mystery of Bogdonov’s liquor store.


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