How was the first day of Fan Fest 23

How was the first day of Fan Fest 23

How was the first day of Fan Fest 23

For the first time in Russia, the festival united all areas of the industry on one platform: cinema, cosplay, comics, science fiction, computer and board games, animation and manga, IT and e-sports.

On October 27, the first day of the Fan Fest 23 festival took place in Moscow , uniting all areas of Russian pop culture on one site. The event takes place at one of the most modern venues in Europe, “Live ARENA”. The organizers were Synergy University.

Fan Fest guests met with fandoms of their favorite universes: Fate Inc, Project Marvel-Verse, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Moscow College of Plague Doctors and Red Fist Clan.

How was the first day of Fan Fest 23


For comic book lovers , there is an Authors Alley, where visitors can get acquainted with the latest issues of popular Russian publications and meet the artists. In a separate area, Synergy faculties organize master classes on comics, animation, design, advertising, and games. The exhibition area features technology and IT companies, film companies, developers and publishers of board, computer and online games.

The brightest YouTubers of Russia met at the Fan Fest site , among them: Planya, Trixie_Vox, Severina Soda and Nyamura. Streamers told festival participants about who a virtual YouTuber is and how to become one.

The actors of the series “Food Block” – Fyodor Fedoseev, Maria Abramova and Daniil Vershinin took part in the conversation “Meeting at the Burevestnik camp” and held an autograph session. In addition, fans of the series had the opportunity to ask questions to their favorite actors at the festival.

The event also included a meeting “No games – no life” with Russian developers . The meeting was attended by Mikhail Pimenov, director of development of the gaming industry at Synergy University, producer and indie developer of ANO “GRAMMA” Stanislav Lauk-Dubitsky, Art Director of Morteshka Ivana Tatarnikova and leading marketing manager at Lesta Games Vladislav Polevik .

During the lecture “Professions for gamers: how to build a career on your passion,” Mikhail Pimenov, director for development of the gaming industry at Synergy University, said that since 2022 there has been a growth trend in gaming income: “The industry has great potential for development: only the Russian games market has turnover is 1.4 – 1.6 billion dollars, and the global turnover is 184.4 billion.”

How was the first day of Fan Fest 23


On October 28, Fan Fest will host a cosplay competition: participants will create images of characters from movies , games, comics, and anime and compete for a prize fund of 1 million rubles. The winners will be chosen by popular bloggers and cosplayers, including Aliza, Felvelial and iChios.

And on October 29, the final of the MLBB Fan Fest Cup cyber tournament from Mobile Legends will take place at Fan Fest. The winner will receive a grant in the amount of 2.5 million rubles. to study at the Faculty of Game Industry and E-Sports at Synergy University.

For the first time, the organizers of Fan Fest invited top Russian performers to the festival: October 27 ended with concerts by Anet Sai and Jackie-O, and on the weekend, festival guests can expect performances from Yegor Ship and the group Cosmonauts Net.


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