How You Can Defeat Mad Clown Puppet In Lies of P?

How You Can Defeat Mad Clown Puppet In Lies of P?

How You Can Defeat Mad Clown Puppet In Lies of P?

The Mad Clown Puppet is a mini-boss waiting near the entrance of the Estella Opera House. While mini-bosses can be formidable, the Mad Clown Puppet stands out as one of the most exasperating adversaries in Lies of P, surpassing the challenge posed by many of the main bosses. This oversized, clown-clad menace can turn your encounter into a disastrous experience if you approach it without sufficient preparation and an understanding of its vexing combat style.

Before venturing into the battle zone, it’s advisable to consider obtaining certain items to simplify the fight and vanquish the Mad Clown Puppet with minimal difficulty. To acquire these items, you can visit a vendor located in the Malum District, who offers an unlimited supply of throwable items. The Malum District Black Market Trader can be located by ascending the ladder at the Red Lobster Inn.

In essence, you should procure as many throwables as your budget allows. Here are my recommendations for throwables when facing the Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P:

  • Thermite
  • Throwing Cell
  • Electric Blitz Canister
  • Acid Canister

How You Cam beat the Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P?

We highly recommend starting with the simplest approach, which involves relying solely on throwables. Initiate the confrontation with the Mad Clown Puppet and lead it towards Mansion Stargazer, conveniently positioned just behind it at the top of the stairs.

Once you’re at the Stargazer’s location, you’ll find various obstructions that you can skillfully navigate around. The Mad Clown won’t be able to strike you through these obstacles, and instead, it will attempt to maneuver around your position.

Leverage your most potent throwables, such as Thermites or any item that inflicts Electric Blitz damage, as the Mad Clown shares the same vulnerabilities as all other Puppets in Lies of P. Dealing damage by exploiting these weaknesses is a more effective strategy.

It’s crucial to pay attention to its attacks. Avoid closing in on the Mad Clown, as it can retaliate with its belly strikes, which can be severely punishing. Similarly, keeping a considerable distance is unwise, as its long-range arm punches can reach you. Your best course of action is to continually lead it around the Stargazer while refraining from engaging in melee combat.

By persistently using throwables and evading its attacks, you can bring down the Mad Clown without even the slightest possibility of Pinocchio suffering any damage.

Mad Clown Puppet cheese Top strategy

If you find yourself lacking sufficient Ergo and consider throwables impractical against the Mad Clown Puppet, there’s always a Plan B. However, this time, you’ll need to rely on your weapons. When you’re on the same street as the boss, lead him back towards the direction from which you came, heading for the stairs.

Positioned on these stairs, most of your melee attacks will effectively strike the Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P, while his attacks typically collide with the adjacent wall. The boss won’t attempt to ascend the stairs, ensuring your safety. If he begins to backtrack toward the fight’s initial location, pursue him, and he should resume the chase.

Consistently pummel him from this vantage point, as illustrated in the image, and you’ll swiftly dispatch the Mad Clown Puppet.

How You Can Defeat Mad Clown Puppet In Lies of P?

How You Can Defeat Mad Clown Puppet In Lies of P?

The kiting tactic, akin to the one used with throwables, proves effective for outwitting the Mad Clown Puppet. By coaxing him onto the street outside, you can essentially lead him in circles around lampposts. His strikes will connect with the posts, while you’ll have the opportunity to inflict damage from the flanks.

This strategy grants you the freedom to retaliate against the Mad Clown without hindrance. Employing Electric Blitz weapons, such as the Electric Coil Stick, offers the added advantage of dealing extra damage to puppet enemies, including the Mad Clown Puppet.


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