How you can get a monster costume in Starfield?

How you can get a monster costume in Starfield?

How you can get a monster costume in Starfield?

Starfield takes you on a journey across a vast galaxy, but also leaves time for the little things that make life worth living, like dressing up in scary outfits and scaring away tourists. Here’s our guide telling you how to get a monster costume in Starfield.


Starfield – how to get a monster costume

The Monster Suit  is a rare piece of equipment that can only be obtained by completing a specific side quest. It’s not particularly useful, but it looks fun, which makes a big difference. To get the monster costume, buy it from Dr. Juliana Lakota in New Homestead and use it to scare tourists.

How you can get a monster costume in Starfield?

Meet Dr. Juliana Lakota

To get to New Homestead, head to Titan. It is one of  Saturn’s moons  in  the solar  system and is located close to the upper left of  Alpha Centauri  on your  star chart  . Land on the Moon to reach the settlement.


Once you arrive in New Homestead, head downstairs to  the museum  area with display cases and tourists. Look to the left from the bottom of the stairs near the entrance to see a hallway leading to  the facilities  . Go down another short flight of stairs and look to the left of the base to see  a clinic  .

Talk to Juliana. Agree to help her with her plan to obtain  the Monster Suit  . You can immediately equip it from  New Items  since you just received it.

How you can get a monster costume in Starfield?

How you can get a monster costume in Starfield?

Mission “Tourists return home”

After receiving the Monster Costume, you will also activate the mission “Tourists Go Home”. The point here is to get back up and out. When you arrive at the top, let the mission beacon direct you to a group of several tourists standing near the bunkers. When you get close, they start running. You can chase them a short distance and they will run away.


To complete the mission, you can see Juliana again. If you talk to her, you can tell her about your success. She will reward you with  50 XP  and  3300 credits  . Unfortunately, she takes  the monster costume  back. It is automatically removed from your inventory.

How to save a monster costume

If you want  to keep the monster costume  , you have two options. The first option is to simply not report to Juliana. Otherwise, follow these steps:

  • Relax  for 24 hours local time  in Juliana’s chair at  the Clinic  .
  • Talk to her and borrow the suit again.
  • Return outside the settlement to find and scare even more tourists.
  • Return to Juliana and report your success.
  • Get  50 XP  and  3300 credits  .
  • Repeat the process again.

If enough time doesn’t pass between conversations, all Juliana wants to talk about is how she got the suit and how much she doesn’t like tourists. When you scare off the third group of tourists, the mission will be completed and you will keep the monster costume.


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