How You Can Get Booster Glaive In Lies of P?

How You Can Get Booster Glaive In Lies of P?

How You Can Get Booster Glaive In Lies of P?

The Booster Glaive in Lies of P is among the most beginner-friendly weapons you’ll encounter early in the game. This Greatsword boasts a B-grade Technique scaling and inflicts 130 points of Physical Attack damage. If you’re pursuing a technique-based build, acquiring the Booster Glaive is highly advisable. It not only enhances your combat capabilities but also enables you to craft effective weapon combinations for the mid to late-game stages.

Lies of P Booster Glaive location

To obtain the Booster Glaive in Lies of P, venture into the Workshop Union/Venigni Works factory area. It’s concealed within a chest submerged in the acid river coursing through the center of Workshop Union Culvert. However, navigating this acidic environment patrolled by the Puppet of the Future requires some preparation.

Commencing from the Workshop Union Culvert stargazer, ascend the ladder and access the tunnel where flaming spheres perpetually roll. Proceed upward in this passage, skillfully evading the rolling fire hazards.

Eventually, you’ll observe a puppet breaking through a wall on the right. Enter this breach and continue ahead until you reach the area with red pipes.

Enter the exposed red pipe, and you’ll eventually reach a lever. Activate the lever, which will drain the acidic water from the surroundings. Once accomplished, return to the pit where the Puppet of the Future roams, descend the ladder, and swiftly pass the boss to access the chest at the far end, containing the coveted Booster Glaive.

This chest contains the Booster Glaive, which can be further disassembled into Booster Glaive Blade and Handle.


Booster Glaive moveset (Fable Arts)

Similar to other weapons, the Booster Glaive features two distinct fable arts, one for its blade and another for its handle. With the charged heavy attack of the Booster Glaive, you can execute a forward dash, extending your melee reach and enabling you to strike your target.

Storm Slash (Booster Glaive Blade): Perform multiple slash attacks on an enemy in front of you.

Patient Slash (Booster Glaive Handle): Hold the attack button to charge your attack for bonus damage


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