How You Can Get Noblesse Oblige In Lies of P?

How You Can Get Noblesse Oblige In Lies of P?

In Lies of P, the Noblesse Oblige stands as an A-grade Motivity weapon renowned for its impressive damage output through its Fable Art, making it an exceptional choice for defense. It shines as one of the finest weapons available for high-level boss encounters, consistently dealing substantial damage with each strike.

Yet, the pursuit of the Noblesse Oblige in Lies of P is no simple endeavor. This weapon is primarily obtainable toward the conclusion of the game, rendering it most useful for a New Game+ (NG+) playthrough of Lies of P.

Noblesse Oblige location in Lies of P

Noblesse Oblige is a distinctive boss weapon, obtainable by vanquishing a specific boss and trading their Ergo with either Alidoro or Rookie Explorer Hugo. To secure the Noblesse Oblige, your target is Simon Manus, the Awakened God.

Encounter Simon Manus during Chapter 11 within Arche Abbey, the Cradle of the Gods, and prepare yourself with the necessary equipment for the impending battle.

The most straightforward and efficient strategy for overcoming Simon Manus involves a hit-and-run approach, avoiding his attacks while he pauses or recharges. Seize these opportunities to unleash your offensive, though it may be a gradual process. Without advanced gear, this method stands as your best approach to tackling the confrontation.

Upon defeating Simon, you’ll acquire the Fallen One’s Ergo. This pivotal item presents a choice: you can utilize it to obtain either the Noblesse Oblige or the Awakened God’s Amulet. If you prioritize obtaining the weapon, you’ll need to challenge Simon once more in New Game Plus to secure the amulet.

From a personal standpoint, I strongly recommend selecting the Noblesse Oblige over the Awakened God’s Amulet. With Motivity cranks, it can attain an S-scaling, rendering it exceptionally lethal. Furthermore, its most significant advantage lies in its ability to increase the amount of Ergo gained per kill, making the Noblesse Oblige an outstanding weapon for Ergo farming.

How You Can Get Noblesse Oblige In Lies of P?

How You Can Get Noblesse Oblige In Lies of P?

To obtain either of these items, you’ll need to locate Alidoro (or, in the event that Alidoro is no longer available, Explorer Hugo), situated within Hotel Krat. Head to the hotel and, upon reaching the main staircase, veer left. In this corridor, make a right turn, and you’ll discover Hugo in a compact space. Here, you can exchange the Fallen One’s Ergo for the Noblesse Oblige weapon.

Noblesse Oblige Fable Arts

Noblesse Oblige, despite its substantial damage output, achieves equilibrium through its combination of one offensive and one defensive Fable Art. This harmonious balance not only simplifies combat but also ensures that the defensive Fable Art can be called upon in critical moments without incurring a significant cost.

Ergo Release: A heavy blow that affects the surrounding foes. A specific amount of Ergo is used for heavier damage.

Endure: A healing art that allows players to endure an upcoming attack.



Much like numerous other weapons in Lies of P, the Noblesse Oblige can also be upgraded up to level 5. The specific quantities of Ergo and Moonstones needed for each level upgrade are clearly stated.

Level Cost
+1 200 Ergo + 1x Dark Moon Moonstone
+2 230 Ergo + 2x Dark Moon Moonstone
+3 260 Ergo + 4x Dark Moon Moonstone
+4 320 Ergo + 1x Full Moonstone
+5 430 Ergo + 2x Full Moonstone

If you like to play with heavy attack weapons, Noblesse Oblige is the best choice for the players of Lies of P. Make sure to understand how this weapon works so you can incorporate its use into your gameplay.

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