Huge Update for Apex Legends is on the Way! Arsenal is Coming

Huge Update for Apex Legends is on the Way! Arsenal is Coming

Huge Update for Apex Legends is on the Way! Arsenal is Coming

Apex Legends, the popular Battle Royale game signed by EA Games , is on the agenda with important news. So much so that it was announced that a very comprehensive update would be coming to the game. Aside from the changes to be made in the game, the update will also introduce a new character into the game. Let’s take a look at the new update and our upcoming character.

New Character Coming with Apex Legends Arsenal

The biggest plus of the update will be that it will bring new characters to the game. The name of the new character we will see in the game after the Arsenal update will be Ballistic .

The new character, whose full name is August Montgomery Brinkman , will portray a 63-year-old gunsmith. When we look at the video released for the character, we understand that we will be faced with a gunsmith who does not reflect his age at all.

We should point out that the in-game abilities for Ballistic, who will stand out as the 24th character to be added to the game, have also been announced. Accordingly, the main feature of our character will be that he carries 3 weapons instead of two . We will be able to find our third weapon, which we cannot strengthen with any add-on, in the Character Utility Action or Inventory sections.

Thus, unlike other characters, Ballistic will stand out with more firepower . It is certain that it will provide a great advantage to the players.

As for the tactical ability, we will see that the Ballistic character has Whistler . Thanks to this ability, the opposing players’ weapons will heat up quickly and when the opponent fires, they will be damaged by their weapons.

Another ability that will make the character stand out will be the Tempest ability. Tempest can also be seen as a support ability for your companions. Thanks to this ability, Ballistic will allow your companions to reload faster, move faster and increase their bullets to infinite levels.

We should also point out that the Apex Legends Arsenal update , which will bring the new character and many other adjustments to the game, will be released on May 9 . After the update is released, we will have the chance to observe all the changes made in the game.

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