Hyper Scape is Closing!

Hyper Scape is Closing!

Hyper Scape is Closing!

Hyper Scape , the sci-fi themed battle royale game developed by Ubisoft , will be closed in April this year, with the announcement made by the company.

Although Hyper Scape, released in August 2020, was a quality battle royale game, it was not completely attractive. It never managed to gain mass appeal for Ubisoft and quickly fell out of favor with many gamers after launch. Ubisoft eventually promised that the game would be overhauled to reach its “full potential,” but that promised improvement never came.

Everything will be stopped on April 28

Eventually, the number of players dwindled so much that full lobbies were a pipe dream for the remaining players. Matches progressed with the map being closed off to all but the final sectors to keep players together, allowing for at least a modicum of enjoyable gameplay, but soon even that won’t be happening as the game is being shut down entirely.

In a new blog post on its website, Ubisoft announced that it will “terminate development of Hyper Scape and shut down the game as of April 28.”

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