Immortals Of Aveum Postponed

Immortals Of Aveum Postponed

Immortals Of Aveum Postponed

The developers of Immortals Of Aveum , produced by EA , have postponed. EA announced this game from the EA Originals catalog in recent months. For those who don’t know what EA Originals is, let’s explain it this way. The company gives this name to games made by EA’s subsidiaries that are made with a lower budget than its own AAA games . Important games emerged from this catalogue. In fact, It Takes Two, a game from this catalog, even won the game of the year award for 2021.

Apart from that, the players also liked A Way Out, a game released by EA Originals , and both productions were produced by Josef Fares. EA announced Immortals Of Aveum for this catalog at The Game Awards 2022 . The company even gave a release date for the game. However, they postponed this release date.

EA Postpones Immortals Of Aveum

The company postponed this sensational game. Immortals Of Aveum has attracted great attention from players since the day its trailer was released. The reason for this was the game’s magic-based gameplay dynamics and beautiful looking graphics. The most important factor in these beautiful looking graphics may be that the game was developed with Unreal Engine 5.

Along with this trailer, the company also gave a release date for the game as July 20. However , Ascendant Studios postponed this date. Ascendant Studios , the producer of the game , said in a statement that they postponed the game because they wanted to make the game more polished and well optimized for all platforms. They stated the new release date of the game as August 22.

Immortals Of Aveum will be released on August 22 for PS 5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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