Is CS 2 Out? Has Open Beta Started?

Is CS 2 Out? Has Open Beta Started?

Is CS 2 Out? Has Open Beta Started?

The question of whether CS 2 was released came to the agenda again in September. Because as of September 1, a major update was made for the game and the game started to be offered to many more users. So which users can access the game? Can we say that the game is completely released?

CS 2 Open Beta is Much Closer

After the update released at the beginning of the month, limited test invitations started to be sent to CS GO players. We can also see the limited test invitation as a beta process invitation.

Players who accepted this invitation were able to log in to the game immediately by downloading a 15 GB file and started to experience CS 2 .

It turned out that the invitation had some conditions. Those who want to receive an invitation for the open beta version must meet the following conditions.

  • You will have a premium CS:GO account
  • You will have a history of competitive play and you will have a league.
  • You must be in one of the regions where limited tests are performed, and our country is among these regions.

All these conditions must be met for the CS 2 open beta . It is still not announced when the stable version will be released for all users.

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