Is Peso Pluma in MW3?

Is Peso Pluma in MW3?

Call of Duty is no stranger to celebrity cameos and characters like Spawn appearing in its games. I mean, I still can’t believe Kevin Durant is running around Warzone. The presence of celebrities makes Call of Duty even more popular than it already is. This can create a new experience that can explode on social media. While adding celebrities and other famous personalities doesn’t change the game, it just makes it interesting. For example, we live in a world where famous rapper Nicki Minaj is a Warzone operator. That’s all. It’s the same in Modern Warfare 3. It looks like Infinity Ward wants to get started with their own set of cameos. We haven’t seen any special characters, but fans of the game have been asking if 24-year-old musician Peso Pluma is in MW3. We’ve got the answer for you below.


MW3: Is Peso Pluma in the game?

At the moment, there seems to be no   confirmation   whether the musician will make his debut in the shooter. Other than a tweet from the official Call of Duty Twitter page, we haven’t been told what role he will play in the game. This means that he may be a character to be played, or that there is some event happening around the musician. So we’re in the dark about the 24-year-old’s involvement in MW3. However, given the game’s recent history, I’m willing to bet that he could be the operator either at launch or down the line. But for now we will have to wait for the developers to provide us with an update. I’m guessing we’ll be able to hear something closer to the game’s launch on November 10th.

If you are having trouble logging into the MW3 beta, please read this guide. 


Who is Peso Pluma?

For players like me who don’t know it, you’ve probably heard it before. He quickly gained recognition among the mainstream thanks to his participation in a song with Lady Gaga called “Ella Baila Sola”. He has been active since 2020 but is now gaining more popularity, appearing in MW3 and working with other artists such as ASAP Rocky. 

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