It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Angry Birds

It's Time to Say Goodbye to Angry Birds

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Angry Birds

Angry Birds , which became one of the most popular games after the launch of smartphones , has defied the years. So much so that the game was published in 2009 and continued on its way until 2023 in such a competitive field. But the expected news finally came.

According to the statement made by the developer company, the game has come to an end and smartphones will say goodbye to the first generation Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds is Ending Now

With the statement made by Rovio , it was decided to remove the game from application stores due to its impact on future projects. First of all, the production will say goodbye to the Android application store.

After February 23, it will no longer be possible to find the game on the Google Play Store. We will continue to see new projects after this process. For the App Store , the situation will be a little different.

The game will continue on its way with a new name for the App Store. We will no longer see the first generation Angry Birds production, but we will see the renamed Red’s First Flight production.

If we look at Rovio’s statement, the reason for this is not to harm the ongoing projects. We do not want new projects to be overshadowed by the name of the game released in 2009 . We will see over time what decision will be made for the sequels in the future.

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