John Wick Game is Coming! When Will It Be Released?

John Wick Game is Coming! When Will It Be Released?

John Wick Game is Coming! When Will It Be Released?

John Wick has become a little more than a movie and has reached a serious fan base. The last movie of the series was released in the past months. Interesting claims have recently been made about the series, which has become a masterpiece with world-famous actor Keanu Reeves . According to recent allegations, it was stated that work was being done for a John Wick game .

Here are the explanations for these claims from the most authoritative name. Let us state from the beginning that fans of the series will be very happy with the news.

John Wick Game is on the Way

Lionsgate, the producer of the series, responded to the allegations on the subject . According to the statement made by the producer company’s manager Joe Drake, negotiations with ambitious game studios continue to create a game worthy of the series. Officials of the production company, who stated that they are evaluating offers in this regard, have also increased their expectations.

Because what is said about the John Wick game shows that a AAA level production will come. It is desired to prepare one of the leading AAA productions that will offer a high-level gaming experience.

As far as we know from the movie, the production has a very ambitious story. Correctly reflecting this to the gaming world may mean that we will be faced with an ambitious game series.

By the way, let us also point out that the only good news given is not a game news. On the other hand, it was also announced that the series will continue and the John Wick 5 movie will come. We can clearly see that the new movie is emphasized in the game description. Preparations are being made for a game worthy of John Wick 5.

There is no clear information yet about when the new movie or the new game will be released. We can also comment that it is too early to make date statements on this issue.

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