KOTOR Remake Still in Development

KOTOR Remake Still in Development

KOTOR Remake Still in Development

According to reports from Embracer Group, the legendary game Star Wars: KOTOR Remake is still under development.

We watched a Remake announcement for Star Wars KOTOR at Sony’s presentation . Approximately 1.5 years after this announcement, we saw the news that the game was put on hold. The company developing the game would be Aspyr Media, which had previously ported Star Wars: KOTOR to iOS and Android devices. However, with the acquisition of Aspyr Media by Embracer Group, the production company of the game changed hands.

With this change, the production company became Saber Interactive. When we look at Saber Interactive, the games it developed received very good comments. He also contributed to the company’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Crysis Remastered. When we look at this, we can see that the company is really interested in Remastered games. This decision was a good development for Star Wars KOTOR Remake .

There Are Still Signs of Life for KOTOR Remake

Embracer Group recently published a report. This report included a section for games both released and in development as of May 23, 2023. Although many other games of the company were included in the report, the one that caught our eye was Star Wars KOTOR Remake .

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