LEGO Builder’s Journey is Free!

LEGO Builder's Journey is Free!

LEGO Builder’s Journey is Free!

Games that carry the LEGO license and take place in the LEGO universe we are used to are gradually gaining popularity. LEGO Builder’s Journey is one of the LEGO games that have become popular in recent months. The popularity of the game seems to increase even more because the game became free for a short time.

Those who follow will surely know that we are talking about Epic Games’ New Year’s event. The platform offers a new game for free every day. Today, the popular LEGO construction is free.

How Long Can LEGO Builder’s Journey Be Available?

You will need to be quick to get the game. Because the game will remain free for 1 day. As of December 22, 2022, at 19:00, the production will become paid again.

But the good news is that tomorrow at the same time we will get another game for free. We also expect more ambitious productions. Wolfenstein New Order was made free yesterday . More ambitious games can be given after the new year. We’ll wait and see.

What kind of game?

Before we forget, let’s talk about the game. LEGO Builder’s Journey is a game where you try to build various shapes with LEGO pieces and solve mini puzzles.

It is a small-scale but very ambitious production in terms of graphic quality. It has support such as ray tracing. We can say that it is one of the games that will be enjoyable for those who like to deal with LEGO. We also know that the production has Turkish language support at the text level.

The price before it was free was around 33 TL. I can say that it is a production that will enrich your library. Of course, the best part is that it is free for now. Before I forget, I also added the Epic Games page of the game here .

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