Lie P: the secret weapon you can get by lying

Lie P: the secret weapon you can get by lying

Lie P: A secret weapon that can be obtained by lying. While The Lie of P is far from a wholesome story about the typical Pinocchio puppet, this dark soul has quite a few sly references to the classic tale up its sleeves. Some Easter eggs are more obvious—like the Twins looking like crickets, or Sofia having dark blue hair—but what do you really think of when you think of Pinocchio?

Yes, Pinocchio’s nose, which in the original story gets bigger every time he lies, can be found in “P’s Lies.” In fact, Pinocchio’s “nose” is a powerful weapon called the “Golden Lie”. How to get this secret weapon? Lying, of course. Here’s how you can unlock the Golden Lie weapon for yourself.

Puppets can’t lie

Your first step towards obtaining the rare Golden Lie weapon begins on the stairs of the Krat Hotel with a question asked by a voice outside the door: are you a person or a puppet? This is the first of many questions you are asked in Lodge P, where you must decide whether to tell the truth or lie.

In this world, dolls cannot lie. However, you are not an ordinary puppet. The more you lie, the more “human” you become. You will need to complete the entire Game of Lies to unlock the Golden Lie. You must lie at every opportunity. Your choices will affect how different characters treat you and what ending you ultimately receive. Only by lying can you eventually gain access to the aptly named Golden Lie weapon.

Find a portrait of a boy

It’s time to head to the Known Zone. In the fifth chapter of Lies of P, you will encounter the infamous Brotherhood of the Black Rabbit, a demonic gang of “followers” who survived the Puppet Mania. Once you’ve defeated the elder of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood and terrorized the others (for now), you’re free to explore the Malum area for collectibles and other goodies.

One of these beauties is the Portrait of a Child, an important item that can be found in the Black Rabbit Brotherhood headquarters near the arena where you fight the masked foursome. It looks like the pursuers stole the painting from your creator Geppetto, and the boy in the portrait looks a lot like Pinocchio.

After collecting the Child’s Portrait, return to the Krat Hotel and talk to Geppetto. He will hang the portrait on the wall in his hotel office. Although you can’t interact with the portrait right now, it does hide some secrets.

Listen to all recordings

They say music calms the wild beast, but what about a wild doll? During your adventures in Krat City, you will collect collectible records. These rescued records can be played on the gramophone at the Krat Hotel.

Lie P: the secret weapon you can get by lying

Every time you listen to the record, you gain a little bit of “humanity.” Besides lying at every opportunity, you can fully maximize your Humanity if you can find and listen to each of the eleven discoverable Recordings in their entirety.

Defeat the final boss

After finding the Portrait of a Child and listening to all the recordings in Lies of P, it’s time to complete the “Game of Lying” by defeating the final boss. Do not start New Game+ after beating the game. Instead, let the loans roll.

Lie P: the secret weapon you can get by lying

Return to the Krat Hotel and visit the portrait of the child hanging in Geppetto’s office. You’ll see a long golden staff coming out of the painting… right above the boy’s nose. Take the staff to get the secret weapon – the Golden Lie.

Maybe it was some sort of The Picture of Dorian Gray situation where every time you lied in the Lie of Pi, the boy’s nose grew in place of your own. Either way, the Golden Lie is a powerful blunt weapon that makes him a virtually unstoppable companion.

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