Lies Of P Best Combat Style

Lies Of P Best Combat Style

Your Combat Style will effect how your character deals with any threat in Lies of P

Path of the Sweeper

Choosing the Path of the Sweeper awards you the formidable Greatsword of Fate. This weapon bestows the highest level of strength to your combat style in Lies of P. Equipped with it, your attacks become immensely powerful, capable of dealing tremendous damage to your adversaries. With the Path of the Sweeper, you even have the potential to dispatch your enemies with a single, devastating blow.

What is the best combat style in Lies of P?

While the Path of the Cricket offers a balanced weapon, it tends to inflict only moderate damage. This level of damage proves less effective in battles against formidable foes like the White Lady. On the flip side, the Path of the Sweeper, with its high-damage Greatsword, proves cumbersome in fast-paced encounters, slowing you down and depleting your stamina.

Hence, I highly recommend opting for the Path of the Bastard as your initial combat style in Lies of P. Despite demanding technical finesse and practice, it delivers a substantial amount of damage. Moreover, its Wintry Rapier weapon is lightning-fast when dealing damage to opponents.

This lightweight sword is exceptionally portable and exerts minimal strain on your stamina, allowing you to carry it virtually anywhere. It boasts impressive durability, prolonging its usefulness in prolonged confrontations. With its formidable damage output and exceptional guarding capabilities, the Wintry Rapier stands out as the premier combat weapon for this combat style.


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