Lies of P Bosses In Order

Lies of P Bosses In Order

Lies of P has a total of 25 bosses, meaning 2500 rounds of frustration and anger. But worry not, we will guide you on how to tackle these monstrosities easily and in order.

All bosses in Lies of P

We’ll be cataloging all the Lies of P bosses in the order of their appearance and offering brief information about the game’s primary story bosses. Before we commence, here’s the roster of every main story boss in Lies of P:

  • Parade Master
  • Mad Donkey
  • Scrapped Watchman
  • King’s Flame, Fuoco
  • Fallen Archbishop Andreus
  • Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  • Romeo, King of Puppets
  • Champion Victor
  • Green Monster of the Swamp
  • Corrupted Parade Master
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  • Laxasia the Complete
  • Simon Manus, Awakened God
  • Nameless Puppet

Following is the list of optional bosses in Lies of P:

  • Survivor
  • Puppet of the Future
  • The Atoned
  • White Lady
  • Mad Clown Puppet
  • Owl Doctor
  • Robber Weasel
  • Walker of Illusions
  • Door Guardian
  • Black Cat
  • Red Fox

Parade Master

The initial boss encounter in the game features the Parade Master, serving as a tutorial boss. His attacks are clearly telegraphed, and his movements are easily discernible, making it an ideal learning opportunity for players. Additionally, this boss aids in acquainting players with the concept of death in Lies of P, potentially prompting them to reconsider their arsenal and adopt a playstyle that aligns with their preferences, rather than what they initially assumed was best for them.

The Parade Master’s transition into his second phase, during which he tears off his own head, represents a pivotal learning moment. In Lies of P, adversaries often exhibit different phases, requiring players to adapt their strategies to emerge victorious.

Mad Donkey

The second boss on our roster marks the first human boss encounter in Lies of P: Mad Donkey. Players must confront a boss who outpaces them in speed, making parrying his attacks a challenging feat. This battle serves as a valuable lesson for players, emphasizing the importance of backstabbing humanoid bosses instead of engaging them in direct combat.

Mad Donkey’s arena is comparatively compact, teaching players that spatial awareness plays a pivotal role in securing victory in any battle.

Scrapped Watchman

The Scrap Watchman, in my assessment, serves as a formidable test of everything you’ve acquired up to this point. Its extensive repertoire of moves compels you to master them, forcing decisions on whether to block, dodge, or parry, all while contending with the added peril of electric attacks that are certain to inflict the Electric ailment.

Furthermore, this marks the initial boss encounter in Lies of P where you can summon a specter to assist you, although the AI partner’s usefulness is often limited. I believe that the battle against the Scrap Watchman truly marks the end of the tutorial phase for players, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges the game may throw their way.

King’s Flame, Fuoco

King’s Flame Fuoco is a juggernaut of a boss in Lies of P. The puppet, or the walking furnace, has heavy-hitting attacks that knock you back even if you parry them and deal Overheat ailment with almost every attack.

Multiple AoE attacks and the ability to dash long distances make even the big arena unsafe. The best way to approach King’s Flame Fuoco is to let the specter companion take the heat, literally, while you attack from behind. Use as many heavy attacks as you can to try and break the boss’s guard and stun it.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss

Meet the initial grotesque, monster-like boss, Fallen Archbishop Andreus. Essentially, he was once the Archbishop of the Cathedral, but his insatiable greed transformed him into an Ergo Monster. This encounter in Lies of P marks the debut of a boss with two distinct phases, each accompanied by its own health bar.

While Fallen Archbishop Andreus’s attacks are relatively easy to anticipate and decipher, the sheer enormity of the boss disrupts your ability to maintain a steady offense. His colossal leaps, tongue strikes, and later spear assaults in the second phase possess staggering reach. This battle represents the first occasion where the Legion Arm shines, particularly the Fire Legion Arm, which inflicts remarkable damage upon the boss.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Concluding the Malum District, the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood stands as the initial group challenge in the game. In addition to the Eldest, various other Black Rabbit Brotherhood members intermittently enter the fray, each equipped with their unique attacks and independent health pools.

The encounter with the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood tests your endurance. Effective stamina and resource management is vital, and it’s imperative to keep the Black Rabbit Brotherhood members separated to avoid being overwhelmed. While your specter can provide assistance, prevailing in this battle necessitates employing every available move in your arsenal.

Romeo, King of Puppets

The game’s colossal boss, the King of Puppets, takes the form of a giant puppet primarily relying on area-of-effect (AoE) attacks. In the initial phase, the King of Puppets employs simple punches that reverberate through the ground, causing AoE damage. As the battle unfolds, the King of Puppets introduces an array of attacks, encompassing swipes, grabs, and even powerful slams.

Following your victory over the King of Puppets, another puppet emerges from its now shattered remains, known as Romeo. Romeo, the true puppet monarch, presents a stark contrast to the first phase, standing almost at your character’s size. He exhibits agility and speed while brandishing a menacing scythe. Much like other humanoid adversaries, Romeo darts in for swift attacks and extensive combos. To prevail, you must either excel in your parrying skills or maintain sufficient stamina to block and dodge his relentless assault.

Champion Victor boss

Champion Victor stands as the ultimate adversary within the Grand Exhibition Gallery. This abomination is a resurrected relic from a bygone circus, brought back to life through the art of Alchemy. Champion Victor cuts an imposing figure, possessing formidable punching power and bone-shaking slams.

In the initial phase of the battle, Champion Victor exhibits a deliberate pace. His armored form renders him resilient, reducing the damage he takes. His combinations are concise, and his punches follow predictable patterns, making them susceptible to anticipation and parrying. However, as the encounter progresses, particularly when Champion Victor’s health drops to the 60% mark, his armor begins to disintegrate, and his swiftness accelerates. At the halfway point of his health, all armor is shed, granting Champion Victor a substantial surge in attack speed at the cost of his protective covering. His combos elongate, rendering parrying increasingly challenging. In this situation, it is imperative to maintain close attention to your stamina levels as it is your best defense against being overwhelmed by his relentless assault.

Green Monster of the Swamp

The final boss of the Barren Swamp area in Lies of P is the Green Monster of the Swamp, a grotesque creature born from devouring the Ergo of fallen puppets. This boss takes on the form of a tentacle monster, and the initial stage of the encounter is relatively straightforward.

The Green Monster of the Swamp primarily employs its tentacles for attacks, occasionally burrowing underground and tunneling towards you. This subterranean strike cannot be blocked or parried, leaving you with only one option: evading the impending assault.

As the battle unfolds, the Green Monster of the Swamp becomes increasingly aggressive. It incorporates a growing number of dash attacks and intensifies its offensive onslaught. Vigilance is key, yet the silver lining lies in the fact that these second-phase attacks are generally amenable to parrying once you become adept at it.

Corrupted Parade Master

Encountered in the Cersani Alley, the Corrupted Parade Master essentially serves as the game’s inaugural boss, albeit tainted by corruption. This boss preserves the majority of its prior moves while introducing a handful of fresh ones. If you’ve already mastered the Parade Master’s move set, your battle against the Corrupted Parade Master should prove relatively effortless.

During this confrontation, the Corrupted Parade Master exhibits greater susceptibility to overheat attacks in contrast to electric assaults. Regrettably, you cannot summon a Specter to aid you in this encounter, just as in the previous battle. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Corrupted Parade Master inflicts the Decay ailment with each successful strike it lands.

Black Rabbit Brotherhood

As you may recall, following your victory over the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, one of them vowed vengeance. They make good on their promise in the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field. Unlike their previous encounter, this time, the three remaining members of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood confront you simultaneously.

Once you’ve vanquished two out of the three Black Rabbit Brotherhood members, the sole survivor takes on the challenge, and to your surprise, a somehow resurrected Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood reenters the fray. Remarkably, their fighting techniques remain unchanged from your initial confrontation, sparing you the need to readapt to their moves.

Laxasia the Complete

Laxasia the Complete is Simon Manus’s guard, the one with the big spiky armor. She was someone who loved Sir Manus and underwent the procedure to become a whole being as Simon perceived.

Laxasia is a powerful boss in Lies of P, with a wide variety of attacks and immense electric buildup. She can close distances in an instant and get to you as fast as you can blink. Parrying her will be a challenge, but since she is a humanoid, you can backstab her freely.

Simon Manus, Awakened God boss in Lies of P

As the leader of Alchemists, the cause of petrification disease in Krat and the root of all your trouble, Simon Manus is a true danger. The once normal human turns into a giant hulking brute wielding a powerful mace.

For his size, Simon is a fast fellow and will close distances like a pro. The mace attacks from Simon are so powerful that they will knock you back even if you parry them. All hits from Simon deal massive damage, so you need to be extra careful.

Nameless Puppet boss in Lies of P

The final boss in Lies of P, controlled by Geppetto himself who wishes to kill you to bring life to this nameless puppet. One can argue that Nameless Puppet is also an optional boss, but we consider it as a main boss since you do need to defeat it to get one of the endings of Lies of P.

The Nameless Puppet boss fight in Lies of P can be considered as fighting another human. Nameless Puppet doesn’t have any ridiculous over-the-top moves. Most of Nameless Puppet’s attacks are quite simple. All of them are somewhat easy to parry and block against, but the attack pattern almost never appears. This makes it difficult to predict what attack is going to come next, so you must always stay on your feet.

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