Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Guide

Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Guide

The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is one of the strongest bosses in Lies of P. But fortunately, you might get some help.

Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Location

Encountering the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P requires a significant amount of effort as he resides within the Malum District Town Hall. To reach this destination, you must undertake several steps. Firstly, you’ll need to journey to the heart of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood territory. Additionally, during your expedition, you’ll encounter the Malum District stargazer, which must be activated to progress further into the area.

Join the Alliance

Following the activation of the stargazer, your next step is to engage in a conversation with the Red Fox stationed near the checkpoint. She possesses crucial information about the Eldest’s whereabouts. Initiate a dialogue with her and accept her proposition. This decision will enable you to form an alliance with the Red Fox and the Black Cat, a formidable team assembled to track down and confront the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P.

Solve the Riddle

Proceed westward within the vicinity and access the building located at the westernmost corner. Eliminate the adversaries inhabiting the premises, ascend the staircase, and travel eastward. Exit through the door at the far end, where you’ll encounter a formidable foe known as the Behemoth. Overcome this adversary and continue heading north, passing by the substantial fireplace situated in the center of the area.

Navigate to the left and enter the narrow corridor leading to the entrance at the end. Ascend the ladder to reach an upper chamber, where a telephone is incessantly ringing. Respond to the call and choose “Candle” as your answer to the riddle.

Find the trader

Kindly return to the fireplace, noting that this time the gate to its left will be accessible. Proceed into the subsequent section and ascend the stairs to reach the western portion of the area. Here, you’ll encounter the entrance to the “Red Lobster Inn.” Enter through this doorway to gain access to the interior, where you’ll locate the Malum District Black Market Trader positioned within the lounge.

Regroup with your Alliance

Upon conversing with the trader, depart from the inn, and you’ll encounter the Red Fox and Black Cat, both commending your unwavering commitment to locating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Follow the descending path to the east, which will lead you to a gate granting access to the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P.

How to defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P

The Eldest possesses remarkable raw strength, making him a formidable opponent. His primary strategy revolves around inflicting maximum damage with his cleaver throughout the battle. Throughout the confrontation, he employs three distinct variations of a swing attack, which consist of an Uppercut, Sideways swing, and Downward swing.

Phase 1

The boss initiates the battle by executing the Downward swing attack, slamming the cleaver onto the ground. Your optimal response is to block this move, as it provides the most effective defense against the incoming damage.

In the case of the Uppercut swing attack, the boss delivers a powerful uppercut, aiming to remove your head. Subsequently, he follows it up with a spinning attack as part of a combo. The most effective countermeasure here is to sidestep, as this attack follows a straight trajectory.

The final swing attack variation involves the boss wielding the cleaver sideways, which is arguably the most potent of his swing attacks. To evade this strike, the best course of action is to retreat and move out of its range, avoiding any potential harm.

Phase 2

In Lies of P, the Eldest of the Black Brotherhood employs an aerial maneuver known as the Jump Attack, leaping into the air and bringing his cleaver down for a damaging strike. This attack follows a somewhat predictable pattern, making it possible for you to evade it swiftly.

As the battle progresses, you may also encounter the formidable charged attack, typically employed by the Eldest when he’s near the end of his health. It’s advisable to maintain a safe distance from him during this phase.

To inflict damage upon him effectively, focus on striking him from behind. The Bone-Cutting Saw proves to be the most suitable weapon for this encounter, especially when paired with the Flamberge item, allowing you to deliver substantial damage to the boss. Employing this strategy can lead to his defeat and bring an end to the battle against the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P.

Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood rewards

After you have managed to defeat the eldest of the black rabbit brotherhood in Lies of P, you will receive the following rewards as dropped items:

  • Resplendent Ergo Chunk
  • Taunt Gesture.


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