Lies of P guide – how to unlock all three endings

Lies of P guide - how to unlock all three endings

Uncover the final secrets of the story of Pinocchio and the sinister city of Krat.

The Lies of P follows in the great tradition of the soulsborne series by offering players multiple endings depending on the decisions and actions they made along the way. If you want to see the true ending of the game and fight another extremely difficult boss , then certain conditions will need to be met for this.

Despite all the hype around lying and its consequences, whether you always tell the truth or lie outright doesn’t matter for all endings. However, if you want to achieve a specific ending for the main character, the characters here and the world of The Lies of P, you will need to strictly adhere to one of the scenarios described below.


The “Real Boy: And They Lived Happily Ever After” ending is what you’ll get in your playthrough if you tried not to cheat or betray others and were generally good. That is, this is the impression, but in reality there is no smell of a happy ending here.

After defeating the final boss Simon Manus and taking the elevator down in the center of the arena , you will find Geppetto. He’ll congratulate you on making it this far and tell you that thanks to the massive amount of Ergo and the Hand of God you received from Simon, he’ll finally be able to make you a real boy. The only catch is that you have to give him your heart.

A dialog box will appear allowing you to choose one of two options:

  1. Give your heart
  2. Refuse

To get the Real Boy ending, you need to accept Geppetto’s request and give him your heart. He will hug you and then rip your heart out of your chest and put it in his box next to you. After this, under no circumstances start New Game+ and return to the Krat Hotel . On the table you will find a letter that will tell Gepetto’s true past and motives, after which he will award the “The Story of a Father” trophy. You can also play the piano to get another achievement – “Krat’s Pianist”.

Geppetto will be waiting for you at the exit outside, covered in blood and smiling against the backdrop of the scattered bodies of the hotel guests.


This is a longer ending that includes an additional and much more difficult boss fight. This requires a few extra steps from you and, most importantly, a complete lack of honesty. In this walkthrough, lie as much as possible and that is when you will ruin Gepetto’s plans.

Progress through the story and defeat Laxasia the Perfect on the island . After this battle, talk to Sophia and select the “Give her peace” option. In this case, after winning Manus, lie about Sophia’s fate and your heart will start beating. Next, reject Geppetto’s offer. He will express his displeasure, open the box, and use the Ergo channel in his hand to give life to the Nameless Puppet.

This alternate final boss is even tougher than Manus and will truly test your skills. During the battle with him, Geppetto will repent and help you, but will be mortally wounded in the process, after which he will say goodbye to you for good.

When the sun rises over Kratom and a blue butterfly flies by, you will see the lifeless puppet Sofia, to whom you will sacrifice all your Ergo, thereby granting life.

Next, you will be given the option to start NG+ immediately. Decline and return to the hotel to receive a secret weapon called the Golden Lie – one of the most powerful in the game.


The last ending is the hardest to get. You must always tell the truth (not really, but it will be easier to avoid mistakes) and follow very specific steps at the end of the story to stay on track. If you didn’t have enough challenges during your playthrough, this is where you can fight an even more difficult version of the second final boss.

Important! Don’t listen to vinyl records at the Krat Hotel as they enhance your humanity and for this ending you must remain a puppet until the very last moment.

After defeating Laxasia in Arche Abbey, you will return to Sofia. You need to keep her alive again. Keeping her alive is very important for this ending.

After defeating Manus, he will ask you what you did with Sophia. Tell him you freed her and then take the elevator down to meet Geppetto, but don’t give him your heart. This will eventually lead to a battle with the Nameless Puppet again, however this time he will be even stronger and more durable than the previous version.

The final victory will reward you with the “No More Puppet” ending, which is almost identical to the previous one, but instead of hearing Geppetto express remorse before dying, he will call you a “useless puppet.”

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