Lies of P – how to easily defeat bosses

Lies of P - how to easily defeat bosses

Crack Lies of P’s scariest bosses like nuts by learning some useful tricks.

Like any good soulslike game, Lies of P has a variety of monster bosses that will test your skills and nerves, but even such serious obstacles should not stop you. If you correctly use all the tools at your disposal, you will be able to defeat even the most powerful opponents without any problems.

There are two main threats that you will have to face in this sinister version of the adventures of Pinocchio: optional mini-bosses roaming the dark night streets of Krath, and the fiends of hell hiding behind the foggy doors, which you will certainly have to face in unequal combat. However, you have the opportunity to level up your strength or even gain an advantage over any, even seemingly invincible enemy: you can knock your opponent off balance, reflect his attacks, and even use special mechanics that allow you to restore health in battle.

Below you will learn about all the available ways to make boss battles in Lies of P easier.


To survive in this place infested with crazed puppets, robots and other terrible creatures, you first need to be able to stand up for yourself. For many, the best defense is an attack, but in Lies of P the situation is often exactly the opposite, since many opponents, and especially bosses, are significantly superior to you in attack power and health.

Parrying is the most effective defensive tactic as it reduces the enemy’s stamina. This is also one of the best ways to deal critical damage to the toughest enemies and bosses.

Learning how to parry perfectly can be a daunting task—reflecting doesn’t instantly stun enemies like it does in some other games. If the enemy attacks several times in a row, you will have to consistently and accurately parry each attack to avoid damage. This makes remembering the timing of each individual enemy’s attacks the most difficult yet vital task.

But once you master this technique, using parries will eventually allow you to perform super powerful attacks. Below we will explain how to deal really big damage to an enemy after reducing his stamina.


To perform a critical hit, dodge or attack until the enemy’s health bar starts flashing white. At this point, perform a heavy attack to stun the enemy. Once he is temporarily immobilized, you will be able to perform a powerful Death Attack. The more aggressive and successful you are in battle, the faster you will break the enemy’s stamina.

Charge Dash is a fast heavy attack available when using the Electric Spiral Baton Handle. It can be obtained very early in the game, namely by purchasing it from the Wandering Merchant in a house on Elysion Boulevard for 1200 ergos. This is a jumping attack that will go through even if you take damage in the middle of the animation. Ideal for stunning.

To stun enemies, you need to not only perform heavy attacks, but also do it quickly, especially in boss battles. Enemies with a flashing white health bar will eventually come to their senses, so you need to learn how to perform heavy attacks as quickly as possible.


When you successfully block damage, you receive temporary recovery points, which can be used to restore some health when attacking an enemy. There is a similar default mechanic in Bloodborne, thanks to which the Hunter can restore HP points during attacks on opponents.

Lies of P changes that formula up a bit. To restore health, you must first block a strike and then attack the enemy in return. If you’re not used to parrying in soulslike games, you may not discover this useful mechanic at all.


Since the recovery mechanic is too powerful not to use, you’ll be doing a lot of deflecting, so it’s worth getting the gear that best suits this.

Unlike Dark Souls, Lies of P doesn’t have shields, so using a weapon with a high defense rating will help you block more incoming damage even if you can’t pull off a perfect parry. Moreover, your armor does not matter. It’s all about the weapon.

The indicator is called “Chance of damage reduction when blocking.” The Big Pipe Wrench has more than 73%, the Holy Ark Sword has 71%, and the Bone Saw has 69%. One of the best starting weapons is the Greatsword of Fate, which has a 65% chance of reducing damage.


However, if you take a heavy weapon, you may encounter such a problem as overweight. If you weigh yourself down with too much equipment, it will significantly slow down your attack speed, movement speed, and increase your stamina cost.

Try not to take on too much of a burden and stay within 75% to avoid any significant difficulties in controlling your character. As long as you don’t weigh more than this, you can accelerate, jump, dodge and roll without any problems.


Simple advice. The protagonist has a blade sharpening function in his mechanical arm, which allows him to imbue weapons with elemental damage when using the appropriate sharpening stones.

There are two types of damage you should focus on. Puppets are extremely susceptible to electricity, while humans are extremely susceptible to fire and acid. Applying the right type of element to your weapon can make a difficult fight much easier. A challenging puppet boss can be a piece of cake when you imbue your favorite weapon with the power of an electric current.


And finally, as is customary in soulslike games, if you are completely desperate, you can enlist the support of one of the NPC allies to fight almost every important enemy. This can be done at special points near boss arenas .

However, to summon allies, you will, as always, need special consumables, which are called Star Fragments here. They can drop from enemies, and this happens surprisingly often. Later in the game you can even buy them from Jangio. In any case, you will have more than enough Star Fragments, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Of course, there may be many more ways to make your life easier in Lies of P, and if you know of any, please share them in the comments.

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