Lies of P Humanity Guide

Lies of P Humanity Guide

To get your desired ending in Lies of P, you will need to understand how humanity works.

How does Humanity work in Lies of P

The Lies of P game provides minimal in-game information about its humanity system. In this world, humanity is acquired by engaging in actions that deviate from the expected conduct of a puppet. Puppets adhere to a predefined set of rules and lack the fundamental instincts inherent in all humans. Yet, your character can engage in behaviors that defy the norm for a puppet, gradually progressing toward a more human-like state.

How does the lie system affect humanity

In Lies of P, one significant limitation for puppets is their inability to lie. However, your character possesses a unique ability to freely deceive whenever deemed necessary. Similar to the humanity system, the mechanics of lying in Lies of P are also not explicitly detailed.

The initial instance of falsehood in Lies of P prompts a message hinting at your character’s transition, with a subtle allusion to your springs being set in motion—a foreshadowing of your character’s progression towards greater humanity.

As you continue to employ deception, you accrue additional humanity. Upon reaching certain undisclosed thresholds, the messages evolve, signifying your attainment of new levels of humanity. Below, we’ve compiled a summary of the messages that appear as you unlock these various tiers of humanity in Lies of P.

  • Tier 1: Your springs are reacting
  • Tier 2: The Ergo is whispering
  • Tier 3: You Feel Warmth
  • Tier 4: Your Heart is Pounding

There are other actions that also affect your humanity besides lying, but they don’t contribute as much as you would expect them to. Unlike the original classic, however, your nose will not start growing as you continue to lie in Lies of P. However, the developers still found a way to incorporate that easter egg so you can check how much humanity you have gained.

How to check your Humanity

The humanity system in Lies of P is shrouded in ambiguity and lacks clarity. Unlike other character statistics, it doesn’t provide a specific numerical value or employ a visual meter or bar to indicate your humanity level. Instead, there are two vague indicators to gauge your progress in acquiring humanity.

The initial marker is the presence of a skittish resident of Hotel Krat, a cat named Spring. During your initial visit to Hotel Krat, if you approach the cat, she reacts defensively by hissing and attempting to distance herself from you. The cat maintains an aura of extreme caution.

However, as you continue to lie and accumulate more humanity points, the cat’s behavior undergoes a noticeable transformation. Spring becomes progressively calmer and more attached to your character, reflecting your shift from puppet to a more human-like persona.

Another visible measure of your humanity is the Portrait of a Boy, discovered in Chapter 5 and returnable to Hotel Krat. As you engage in deceit and interact with the world in a human manner, the portrait undergoes a curious transformation, developing a wooden nose. Even Geppetto acknowledges this phenomenon, suggesting that objects can acquire a semblance of a soul. The length of the wooden nose on the portrait serves as a clear indicator of your character’s humanity—the longer the nose, the greater your humanity has become.

Should you lie to gain humanity in Lies of P or not?

Deception plays a pivotal role in the Lies of P humanity system, as it is considered a characteristic exclusive to humans, whereas the coding inherent in puppets prevents them from engaging in falsehood. Lies not only contribute to an increase in your overall humanity but also significantly influence the outcome of your Lies of P ending.

If you abstain from telling a single lie throughout the game, you will unlock the “Free from the Pupper String” ending. Conversely, weaving a web of lies throughout Krat grants you access to the “Rise of P” ending. However, in true Souls-like fashion, even the ostensibly joyful ending carries a degree of melancholy.

We recommend embracing deception to enhance your humanity and subsequently granting yourself the choice between the “Rise of P” or “Real Boy” endings at the conclusion. This approach allows you to experience two distinct endings within a single playthrough.


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