Lies of P Krat Central Station Plaza Walkthrough

Lies of P Krat Central Station Plaza Walkthrough

Central Station Plaza and Cerasani alley in Lies of P actually connect Hotel Krat with Krat Central Station. In this guide, we will help you navigate this area safely and defeat the first boss the game has to offer.

How to defeat Parade Master boss in Lies of P

The Parade Master initiates the battle with a charging attack, using its claw-like arms for slamming and slashing at the players. Be prepared to block as soon as its attack animations commence. The slam attacks can inflict significant stamina damage, so try to dodge them whenever possible.

Midway through the battle, the Parade Master detaches its head and wields it as a weapon. This presents an opportunity to stagger it and execute a critical attack. While continuously blocking and evading its assaults, chip away at its health. This battle tests your endurance and patience, so be sure to replenish your health regularly and maintain your weapon’s sharpness. For defeating it, you’ll receive Parade Leader’s Ergo and Quartz as rewards.

With the Parade Master defeated, proceed to cross the bridge and enter Hotel Krat. Prior to opening the door, carefully inspect both the right and left sides of the entrance. Here, you’ll discover a Hidden Moonstone and other valuable loot.


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