Lies of P Survivor Boss Guide

Lies of P Survivor Boss Guide

Technically, the Survivor is an optional boss in Lies of P, but it is worth taking him on for the rewards he gives.

Lies of P revolves around challenging boss encounters that keep players on the edge of their seats, including the intense Survivor battle. Although Survivor doesn’t fit the traditional boss mold, it remains a formidable adversary, offering substantial rewards and a generous Ergo haul.

This frenzied Survivor lurks within the Union Workshop Culvert, his sanity consumed by an unrelenting obsession to eradicate puppets within Krat.

Survivor proves to be a formidable foe, packing a punch with each strike and vulnerable to rear assaults. He possesses the ability to rapidly narrow the gap, so maintaining awareness of your distance is essential during this encounter.

Lies of P Survivor Location  

To locate Survivor in Lies of P, start by navigating to the Workshop Union Culvert. Begin from the Stargaze within the Venigni Works Control Room, where you’ll encounter a shallow flight of stairs on your right. Proceed in that direction and enter the tunnel. Inside, you’ll encounter rolling fireballs that periodically traverse the tunnel.

Seek refuge within the recessed areas along the tunnel’s right side, moving only when the fireball has safely passed. As you enter the tunnel, you’ll notice two passageways on your right; opt for the second one. Continue straight until you reach a balcony, then ascend the stairs on your right.

Upon entering the next room, head to the right. In this room, you’ll spot another set of stairs. Bypass them and you’ll find a ladder leading down to a basement. Descend the ladder, and you’ll come face-to-face with Survivor. Initiate the battle by engaging in conversation with him.

The path leading to Survivor is riddled with puppets and adversaries, some of whom are plainly visible, while others employ stealth to catch you off guard. Be adequately prepared to confront these challenges along the way.

How to Defeat Survivor in Lies of P  

The Survivor in Lies of P adheres to a predictable attack pattern, much like other bosses in the game. His primary combo involves a sequence of rapier slashes, accompanied by lunging movements in your direction. His agility enables him to rapidly close the gap between you and him, which can be exploited to your advantage.

To effectively combat the Survivor, maintain proximity to him and position yourself behind him whenever possible. When he initiates his combo, he will follow through with it entirely, affording you a substantial window to execute a charged heavy attack.

Due to the confined size of the arena, staying close to him is relatively straightforward. However, it’s essential to continuously strafe around him to evade his attacks. Staying behind him grants you opportunities to land critical strikes on the Survivor in Lies of P.

Landing fatal blows inflicts the highest damage and proves particularly effective here, given his vulnerability to backstabs. Utilizing a swift weapon can be highly advantageous in this scenario.

Considering the Survivor’s relatively modest size, parrying can also be an effective tactic. Employ parries when he initiates his standard combo, then follow up with a swift attack to inflict damage. Be vigilant for the Survivor’s unblockable attack, indicated by a glowing red aura, and ensure you maintain a safe distance.

The Survivor’s battle consists of a single phase, and he possesses limited health. By implementing this strategy, you can swiftly dispatch him.

Lies of P Survivor Rewards  

Considering Survivor is an optional boss, he only drops 1796 Ergo. Upon defeating him, you get his outfit, which includes the Survivor’s Mask and Survivor’s Hunting Apparel. Additionally, you also unlock the Stalker’s Promise gesture.  


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