List of collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

List of collectibles in Assassin's Creed Mirage

As in past  Assassin’s Creed games  ,   there are many collectibles to be found in Mirage . Collectibles will not only help you on your adventure, but will also reveal information about the rich history and culture of Baghdad.


Despite the relatively short playtime  of Assassin’s Creed Mirage  , it’s quite easy to get confused by how many collectibles there are. This guide will help you keep track of what you need to look for while parkouring in Baghdad.

List of collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

There are so many collectibles that you’ll likely encounter many of them in normal gameplay. However, there are some that you’ll have to do a little hunting for. To help you out, use Ekinda to view the city from above. Here are the collectibles you should look out for:

  • Historical places  . These are perhaps the most interesting collectibles. When you see the glowing ball of light, interact with it and you will unlock information about Baghdad. Some entries will tell you about specific points of interest, while others will tell you about, for example, the laws and customs of the region that existed in the 9th century. With only 66 pieces, this collectible will keep you busy for a while.
  • Artifacts of the Dervish  . You will unlock this collectible while investigating the Ali ibn Muhammad case. You are tasked with finding artifacts around Baghdad. You’ll have to steal from targets to get the artifacts, but you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your troubles. You need to get 18 artifacts.
  • Riddles  are notes that will give you clues on how to find the place where you will receive a reward. You have to find 12 riddles.
  • Chests with equipment  . You’ll want to find them as they provide you with various weapons and equipment, as well as upgrade schemes. The only problem is that you usually have to wander into forbidden territory to find them.
  • Lost Books  . Find these lost books and get a skill point. You usually need to solve a puzzle to access them. There are 6 of them in Baghdad.
  • Mysterious fragments  . There are 10 Mystery Shards in total, and you can start collecting them after you start the Baghdad Connection quest. Shards can be used to unlock equipment.

If you’re having trouble finding some of these collectibles, visit a cartographer and they can help you identify them. You will have to pay him with Scientist Tokens.

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