Max Payne 2 Returns to Steam with a Discount

Max Payne 2 Returns to Steam with a Discount

Max Payne 2 , the sequel series of Max Payne , one of the games that left its mark on an era, was surprisingly removed from the Steam store. Steam was also closed for those who wanted to go back to the past and replay the game that was released in 2003 .

But this decision did not last long. Because it was recently announced that the game was re-released on the Steam store. Moreover, the return of the game was rapid because we saw a huge discount.

Max Payne 2 is back on Steam

The second game, which continues its original story, was released in 2003 and received a lot of acclaim at the time. If you are going to buy the game new and compare it with the productions released this period, then you should keep your expectations low.

Because although the story is very strong, the game is quite old and its graphics are not at a level to compete with new generation games. But I can say that it is among the games that can be considered just for its story and its treatment.

Let’s talk about the Steam price of the game. The game, which normally has a sales price of 18 TL , has been discounted by 65% ​​in honor of its return . In this way, the price of the game appears as 6.30 TL . I’m also adding the Steam link here for those who want to buy the game .

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