Minecraft: how to move a hive

Minecraft: how to move a hive

Resources and crafting are a huge part of Minecraft. You need to make sure you have the best tools to collect any type of resources and blocks you find in the world, and a good block to allow movement is beehives.


The beehive is where you regularly find bees in Minecraft, providing honey and pollinating the plants in your world. When you see a hive, you may want to find a better location for it, closer to the garden, or move it somewhere further away from you and your base. Here’s what you need to know about how to move a hive in Minecraft.


How to Move a Hive in Minecraft

You move the hive by making sure you have a tool with Silk Touch in your inventory . Any tool with Silk Touch will automatically pick up the block you’re trying to hit in Minecraft, making it easier to collect these items as you play. Silk Touch can be difficult to track. You’ll need an enchanting table and plenty of tools to potentially bring the Silk Touch ability to the table. It took me several attempts to finally enchant my favorite instrument.

Once you have Silk Touch on the tool you plan to use, all you have to do is interact with the hive and you will remove it. The hive will appear in your inventory and you can take it anywhere you want in your Minecraft world. I recommend placing it near a few flowers so that the bees living there can pollinate and live a happy life while they stay there.

The same thing works with the standard bee nests that you can find during the game. Mine craft. If you don’t want to disturb your bees, you won’t want to move these hives too often, and finding a good spot with plenty of flowers will always be your priority. Bees in Minecraft are happy when they have a lot of flowers, which means you get a lot of honey from the hive or bee nest.

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