Mona Singh opens out on Instagram twice in 2023, owing to photographs she took with Aryan Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Mona Singh experienced a truly remarkable year, leaving an indelible mark on both OTT platforms and Instagram. Notably, she garnered significant attention for her captivating selfies alongside the esteemed Shah Rukh Khan and his son, Aryan Khan. During an exclusive interview, Mona contemplates the unforeseen surge in popularity of these self-portraits, despite her triumphant accomplishments in three highly acclaimed television series throughout the year.

In reference to the Shah Rukh Khan selfie, Mona eloquently recounts the encounter that transpired at his extravagant birthday celebration, wherein a multitude of official photographers were in attendance. Upon her subsequent request for a selfie, Shah Rukh initially declined, citing the presence of official photographs. Upon departing the soirée, she once more sought his company, whereupon he graciously assumed possession of her mobile device, deftly capturing a self-portrait, all the while extolling her remarkable aptitude.

Mona reminisces about yet another occasion at the illustrious Mannat, where the esteemed Aamir Khan hosted an exclusive screening of the highly anticipated cinematic masterpiece, Laal Singh Chaddha. Shah Rukh reminisced about the attire donned by her during the prestigious gathering, even after the passage of a year, as he commemorated his birthday, revealing an astonishing level of recollection.

Mona eloquently conveys her profound affinity for the esteemed Khan family, as she recounts the heartfelt commendations bestowed upon her by the illustrious Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan for her exceptional portrayal in the cinematic masterpiece, Laal Singh Chaddha. She admires the graciousness and kindness exhibited by Shah Rukh.

Mona’s longstanding association with Shah Rukh traces its roots back two decades, when the esteemed actor, accompanied by his children Aryan and Suhana, graced her presence. At the illustrious premiere of Aryan’s sister’s cinematic masterpiece, a fortuitous encounter transpired. In this serendipitous moment, the effervescent Mona, with an air of audacity, mustered the courage to request a coveted selfie. Aryan graciously acquiesced, emphasizing that it fell within the purview of his professional duties. Although Mona did not anticipate the selfie to garner considerable acclaim, she admires the refined upbringing of Shah Rukh’s offspring.

She eloquently illuminates the innate beauty that resides within the children, while also expressing a fervent anticipation for future photographic endeavors, potentially featuring the esteemed presence of AbRam, that possess the potential to captivate the digital realm.

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