My Hero Ultra Rumble Invite and Add Friends

My Hero Ultra Rumble Invite and Add Friends

My Hero Ultra Rumble Invite and Add Friends. My Hero Ultra Rumble is a 24-player battle royale played with eight teams of three. With so many players, the game requires a high level of coordination that is difficult to achieve when queuing alone.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to introduce your friends to Ultra Rumble. You won’t have to play with your friends, with random teammates who don’t complement your playstyle or continue to sabotage your matches. We are here to help you as we will explain how to invite and add friends in Ultra Rumble in this article.


My Hero Ultra Rumble How to Add Friends

The game’s user interface can be quite difficult to navigate – My Hero Ultra Rumble Invite Friends

At the time of this writing, there is no way to manually search for a person’s name to add them as a friend . You can only add friends if you’ve played with them, are in the same room, or are already friends on a platform like Steam and PlayStation Network.

Therefore, it would be better to add friends via Steam or PSN first. However, if you really just want to be friends with someone in-game, click on Team Battle and then Create Team ID, located under the game tab in the bottom right corner of your screen . Once you’ve created a Team ID, tell your friend and have them search for it using the search team ID button.


You should be able to see your friend in the room, and from there you can add them to your friends list by clicking on their character, then their player information, then the friend invite.

How to Invite Friends to My Hero Ultra Rumble

You can invite your friends to match with you in My Hero Ultra Rumble from the Play tab. Once there, click on the plus sign next to your character. A window should appear showing players you’ve played with or friends you can invite.

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