Mysterious Game from Epic Games Leaked

Mysterious Game from Epic Games Leaked

Mysterious Game from Epic Games Leaked

This year, as every year, Epic Games offers high-budget productions for free during the mega discount period. The games that have been given free of charge in the last two weeks are also remarkable. Last time we saw that the production of Midnight Ghost Hunt was given free of charge. The game to be given this week is again in the mystery games category.

As always, tips were shared for the mentioned game. With the post shared on the Twitter account, new clues were given for the game that will be given this week.

Epic Games May Release Payday 2 This Week

When we look at the short video shared, we see that 3 different badges are shown. These badges are generally clue badges symbolizing the game.

According to predictions, the game that will be given out with the 3 badges shown this week will be Payday 2 . It was also claimed that the badges shown before belonged to the Midnight Ghost game, and the claims were confirmed.

It is possible to say that there are strong claims that the Payday 2 game will be presented this week. On the other hand, there is also the thing that the production is already sold at a very affordable price. When you check it on Steam, you see that the price is 22 TL.

Will Epic Games include a mysterious game campaign for the game worth 22 TL? This also appears as a separate question mark. After a short while, all these question marks will go away because we will learn the details.

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