NBA 2K24 Best 3-Level Threat Build For Center

NBA 2K24 Best 3-Level Threat Build For Center

A center player with a 3-level threat archetype is one of the most dangerous on the court in NBA 2K24. In this guide, we will create the best build for a center position that will turn in an unstoppable scoring machine.

The Center position holds a pivotal and formidable role in NBA 2K24. Center players typically possess imposing size and height, and they contribute significantly on both offense and defense. Their responsibilities encompass scoring in the paint, securing primary rebounds, and defending the rim. When you combine this position with the 3-level or triple-threat archetype, the Center transforms into an unstoppable force, excelling in scoring and playmaking in NBA 2K24.

For our 3-Level Threat build, we’ve chosen to place it in the Center position, rather than a 3-Level Threat Small Forward. This build stands tall at 7’1″, boasting an extensive wingspan and equipped with badges that enhance passing and scoring proficiency for both 2-pointers and 3-pointers in the game.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 3-Level Threat build for Center

Without an appropriately tailored Center build, even the most skilled players can struggle in this position. In our 3-Level Threat build for the Center position in NBA 2K24, we’ve outlined the stats in the table below. To achieve the desired archetype, we strongly advise adhering strictly to these stats, as any deviations may result in the loss of crucial defensive and playmaking badges.

Height  7’1” 
Weight  231 lbs 
Wingspan  7’6” 
Close Shot  77 
Driving Layup  75 
Driving Dunk  80 
Standing Dunk  75 
Post Control  85 
Mid-Range Shot  86 
Three-point Shot  79 
Free Throw  61 
Pass Accuracy  77 
Ball Handle  63 
Speed with Ball  56 
Interior Defense  77 
Perimeter defense  66 
Steal  60 
Block (focus)  92 
Offensive Rebound  62 
Defensive Rebound (focus)  92 
Speed  64 
Acceleration  57 
Strength (focus)  84 
Vertical  75 
Stamina (focus)  97 
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