NBA 2K24 Steph Curry Build

NBA 2K24 Steph Curry Build

With the ability to create replica builds in NBA 2K24, you can create your own Steph Curry to domiante the PG position.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Steph Curry build

Mastering ball possession, alongside possessing the range and precision to deliver precise passes to your teammates, stands as a critical aspect of this Point Guard Stephen Curry Build in NBA 2K24.

To construct an all-or-nothing, high-speed, and precise shooting Point Guard Stephen Curry Build in NBA 2K24, here are the recommended statistics we’ve chosen:

Height 6’3″
Weight 170 lbs
Wingspan 6’6″
Close Shot 51
Driving Layup 76
Driving Dunk
Standing Dunk
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot 81
Three-Point Shot 96
Free Throw 92
Pass Accuracy 89
Ball Handle 95
Speed with Ball 92
Interior Defense
Perimeter Defense 57
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound
Speed 87
Acceleration 93
Strength 26
Vertical 57
Stamina 99

How to set up a Stephen Curry build for Point Guard

In NBA 2K24, Point Guards play a pivotal role in creating scoring opportunities for their team. They are responsible for ensuring that the team’s offense remains top-notch by effectively distributing the ball to the right players, even under defensive pressure. In this build, our primary focus lies in enhancing our range and ball-handling skills to maintain exceptional control over the ball.

To achieve this, we’ll allocate 81 points to Mid-Range Shot, 96 points to Three-point Shot, and 92 points to Free Throw. This distribution enables the acquisition of valuable badges like “Limitless Range,” expanding the reach of your passes and setting up deadly plays.

As a Point Guard, your primary objective is to ensure the smooth transition of the ball to the offense, regardless of defensive attempts to intercept it. To achieve this, we’ll invest 89 points in Pass Accuracy, 95 points in Ball Handle, and 92 points in Speed with Ball. These stats unlock essential skills such as “Speed Booster” (Gold) for maneuvering past defenders, “Bail-Out” (Bronze), and “Dimer” (Gold) to enhance your passing abilities.

For the physical attributes, we’ll allocate 87 points to Speed, 93 points to Acceleration, and a maximum of 99 points to Stamina. This configuration enhances your dribbling speed and efficiency, elevating badges like “Blow-By” (Gold) and “Speed Booster” (Hall of Fame) while unlocking the coveted “Handles For Days” (Hall of Fame) badge, allowing for more efficient energy usage.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 Steph Curry build

Prioritizing badges plays a pivotal role in shaping the character you’ve envisioned into their optimal version. In the case of this NBA 2K24 Stephen Curry build, the chosen badges were carefully selected to enhance passing and ball-handling abilities. It’s important to note that the attribute points you allocate directly impact the skills you unlock, along with their level. Consequently, considerable consideration went into unlocking the Hall of Fame variants (the highest level) for the most crucial skills.

S-Tier badges

  • Handles For Days (Hall of Fame): Since you lack in defense and strength, this badge reduces your energy depletion, leaving spare stamina for fancier dribbles to avoid having to directly contest stronger defenders head on and get around them instead.
  • Giant Slayer (Gold): You gain considerable advantage in making layups over defenders taller than your character (in this case 6’3”).
  • Slithery (Bronze): Makes it harder for enemy defenders to pin down the player, thus improving your control over the ball and making it easier to break through defense, ending straight into a finish at the basket.
  • Blow-By (Gold): Allows the player to juke their defender more easily and breach the opposing team’s paint.
  • Speed Booster (Hall of Fame): Allows for a short speed burst when trying to break away from a defender straight to the paint, or in specific situations when trying to reclaim the ball from the opposing team.
  • Hyperdrive (Gold): Reduces the time it takes to complete a dribbling animation while moving, allowing you to safely navigate the court.
  • Killer Combos (Gold): While mixing up your opponents, their defensive ability can be compromised in several ways, making it easier to get the ball through. Also grants an evasive bonus when combining multiple dribbling techniques, further boosting your success in breaking past defenders.
  • Unpluckable (Gold): Boosts your overall ball control, making it harder for defenders to get it out of your possession with some stray blocks, steal attempts etc.
  • Blinders (Gold): Decreases the penalty on jump shots when a defender contests on time.
  • Limitless Range (Gold): Increases the range of your 3-point shots for a higher frequency of sniper basket scores.
  • Deadeye (Gold): Jump shots suffer a lower accuracy penalty due to late contests by defenders.
  • Agent 3 (Gold): Strengthens your pull-up shot game, making it easier to score from the three-point range, bolstering your risk factor as you become a deadly adversary on both close and long range.
  • Bail Out (Bronze): When jumping, your pass has increased accuracy and more of a chance at reaching the specific offense member.

A-tier badges

  • Catch & Shoot (Hall of Fame): After receiving a pass, the next jump shot you perform will be significantly stronger and accurate.
  • Acrobat (Silver): Improves the success rate of difficult close ranged basket shots / layups.
  • Ankle Breaker (Hall of Fame): Can confuse defenders via special dribbling techniques, allowing you to put a dent in their defense and break through from that sliver of opportunity.
  • Dimer (Gold): When in the half-court, assist passes made to open teammates will improve the accuracy of the shot that the pass receiver will make.
  • Needle Threader (Silver): Improves your chances of getting difficult passes through tight defenses, straight to an open teammate.
  • Guard Up (Hall of Fame): When defenders fail to time their contests, your jump shot will gain increased accuracy.
  • Green Machine (Hall of Fame): Increases the size of your Green window after a few consecutive excellently timed releases.
  • Space Creator (Hall of Fame): Upon disengaging from a defender, your shots will gain a buff and your cross up capabilities will be greatly improved as well.

B- Tier badges

  • Spot Finder (Hall of Fame): Improves ability to get open and receive a pass in the heart of the opposing perimeter.
  • Bunny (Silver): You can pull off successful hop step layups and dunks more frequently and easily.
  • Float Game (Silver): Floating shots will be easier to perform.
  • Pro Touch (Gold): Gives an additional boost on your shots for timing your layups properly.
  • Scooper (Gold): You can perform quick scoop layups with greater ease.
  • Whistle (Gold): Increases chances to get more free throws when creating contact at the rim or during jump shots.
  • Triple Strike (Hall of Fame): Improves ability to counter the opponent’s triple threat by covering their shooting, dribbling, and passing routes.
  • Touch Passer (Silver): Speeds up player pass timings after immediately receiving a pass from a teammate.
  • Special Delivery (Gold): Flashy passes will boost the receiver’s stats, allowing him to dunk the ball in the basket either directly via Alley-oop pass, or have more success in raw shots after receiving the pass.
  • Comeback Kid (Hall of Fame): Improved ability to make shots while trailing.
  • Claymore (Hall of Fame): Increased chance to knock down shots made by opposing shooters from the perimeter.

C-Tier badges

  • Slippery Off Ball (Hall of Fame): Improves your ability to navigate around an opponent’s screen.
  • Relay Passer (Gold): Provides a shot boost to the shooters who receive a pass from you.
  • Break Starter (Gold): After grabbing rebound shots, your next pass will be much stronger.
  • Off-Ball Pest (Bronze): Your Bump hits become more effective, and you are more efficient in preventing opponents making a breakthrough to your paint.
  • Free Points (Silver): Improves your ability to shut down free throws during the game.

Best animations for Point Guard Stephen Curry Build

When crafting our NBA 2K24 Point Guard Steph Curry build, it’s clear that we would advocate for incorporating the following animations, drawing inspiration from the legendary Stephen Curry, who serves as the namesake and inspiration for this build.

  • Base: Stephen Curry
  • Upper Release 1: Kyrie Irving
  • Upper Release 2: Kyrie Irving
  • Release Speed: 100%
  • Animation Blending: 50%/50%


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