New Gameplay Video and Demo Released for Lies Of P

New Gameplay Video and Demo Released for Lies Of P

New Gameplay Video and Demo Released for Lies Of P

Neowiz has released a new Demo and gameplay video for Lies Of PThe company first announced the game developed for the Souls-Like genre in 2021. Following this announcement, the company released a trailer at Gamescom last year and announced the release date as 2023. This year, the company released a new story trailer in February and announced the release date as August 2023. One of the interesting aspects of this game is that it will come to Game Pass from the day it is released.

As for the story of the production, we can easily say that it tried to create a story inspired by Pinocchio. The genre of the game will be Souls-Like . Additionally, due to the theme of the game, it seems that there will be horror elements in the game. The place where the game will take place will be Europe. We can say that the time period is the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Since the story of the game is inspired by Pinocchio, there will be a lie system in the game. According to this lie system, we will be able to change the ending of the game with the lies we tell in the game. The game takes place in a city called Krat. According to the story of the game, there is a plague epidemic and deadly puppets in the game and the story will progress accordingly. Our goal in the game is to find Gepetto and help P become human.

Gameplay Demo Released for Lies Of P

At the Summer Game Fest the other day , the company released a gameplay trailer for the game.

The company also released a Demo for the game. The demo consists of two parts within the game. There are three separate Boss fights in the Demo. In the demo, we will be able to see some important characters in the game and try the weapon combining feature. Additionally, at this event, the company announced that the game would be released on September 19, postponing the game’s release date by another month.

Lies Of P will be released on September 19 for PC, PS 5, PS 4, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One.

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