New Games to be Added to Apple Arcade Announced

New Games to be Added to Apple Arcade Announced

New Games to be Added to Apple Arcade Announced

Apple announced the new games it will add to the Apple Arcade system. The Apple Arcade system entered our lives on September 19, 2019. This system works with a subscription system. The system works just like Xbox’s Game Pass system. You get a subscription and it allows you to play your games on all your Apple devices. It currently has a monthly fee of 34.99 TL and there are no ads in the system.

Apple has been keeping this system alive by introducing new games since the day it was released. There are currently more than 200 games in the system, and none of these games include in-game payments. Now , Apple has announced the new games they will add to their systems.

Apple Announces the Games They Will Add to the Apple Arcade System

Apple will add two new games to the Apple Arcade system. These games will be Jet Dragon and Bold Moves. One of these games, Jet Dragon, was being developed specifically for Apple Arcade . The game is being developed by Grezzo, who previously worked on The Legend of Zelda games. In the game, you raise your dragons and compete with other dragons.

The other game, Bold Moves, is included in the system as a word puzzle type game. Daily or weekly events in the game always add innovation to the game.

Both of these games will come to the Apple Arcade library.

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