New Information Arrived from Robocop’s New Game

New Information Arrived from Robocop's New Game

New Information Arrived from Robocop’s New Game

More information has arrived from RoboCop’s new game. We learned in 2021 that RoboCop: Rogue City, a new game for the RoboCop series, one of the famous and cult movie series, was made. The game has continued to be actively developed since then. Publisher Nacon gave a release date for the game in July last year. The date given for the game was June 2023.

In March, the company announced that they were delaying the game. In this announcement, they announced that they moved the release date of the game to September 2023 and the company released a trailer for the gameplay. The game will debut in the FPS genre. The company has made the game played by gaming organizations and big people in the gaming world.

More Information Arrived for RoboCop: Rogue City

The publisher presented the game to big names in the gaming world for them to try. Those who have tried the game say that they have done a good job in terms of voice acting. They also state that there are RPG elements in the gameplay and that the game creates an atmosphere similar to the first two RoboCop movies.

For the action, they also comment on how the action moments in the game are very similar to the first two films. Some organizations also say that the gameplay in the game is not very easy or enjoyable. The game will be an open world game. People who have experienced the game also say that there are side missions in the game depending on this open world. There are also optional missions in the game.

RoboCop: Rogue City will be released in September 2023 for PC, PS 5, Xbox Series S/X.

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