New Slender Man Game Announced

New Slender Man Game Announced

New Slender Man Game Announced

The developer announced the new game of the famous horror game Slender Man . The first game for the Slender Man series was released in 2012. The game, released under the name Slender The Eight Pages, did not make a big impact at that time. The Slender Man game Slender : The Arrival, which was released in 2013, had a great impact and was very popular.

The game became popular at that time, whether it was broadcasters playing the game or Youtubers making videos for the game. Then the game came to most platforms and became even more popular. After the game, the Slender Man character became more well-known.

Developer Announces That They Are Developing a New Game for the Slender Man Series

After the 10th anniversary of the first game’s release, the company did something unexpected. The company announced with a Tweet on Twitter that they are developing a new game for the series. There was nothing related to the content of the game in this Tweet, we just saw a creature sitting in a dark environment. We don’t know if the game is a sequel for the series or another project.

In addition, the company published a counter on the website of its old games. The end date of this counter is July 28. The company has not yet provided any information about what will happen on July 28. Depending on the odds, more information about the game may be shown.

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