New Trailer Shared for Silent Hill Ascension

New Trailer Shared for Silent Hill Ascension

New Trailer Shared for Silent Hill Ascension

Konami shared a trailer for the new game of Silent Hill, one of the famous horror game series .

Silent Hill , one of the pioneers of the survival horror genre, is releasing a new game. Konami announced this new Silent Hill game with a trailer in October. We knew its name was Silent Hill Ascension . Although we did not learn much about the game with the announced trailer, we did learn that the game was being developed. Now Konami has shared another trailer about the game and gave more details.

Konami Shared the New Trailer of Silent Hill Ascension

We managed to learn more about the game in the trailer shown the other day. The game will be an interactive-movie type game. The production will be about characters living in different parts of the world being tormented by monsters in Silent Hill .

Since the game is in the interactive-movie genre, the player’s decisions will play a very important role in this game. As far as we see in the trailer, the answers given by the players will lead to events such as the lives, curses and suffering of the characters in the game.


Konami and Genvid Entertainment, the developer of the game, say that the game will bring innovation, deep monsters, locations and complex characters to the Silent Hill universe. The game will have strange gameplay.

According to Genvid Entertainment, there will be a different episode in the game every day, just like a TV series, so the full version of the game will not be available as soon as it is released. There is no clear date for the game, but the studio says it will be released towards the end of 2023.

According to the company, the producers will provide more information about the game in the coming months.

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