New Xbox Series X/S Consoles Leaked

New Xbox Series X/S Consoles Leaked

New Xbox Series X/S Consoles Leaked

Microsoft, which has a significant user base even though it lags behind Sony in console sales, looks like it will soon take steps to further develop this base. According to recent leaks, new Xbox Series X/S models may appear soon.

According to the documents recently published on the internet, we will see serious changes in the new game consoles. We can say that important changes are coming, especially in the Xbox Series X model.

What Will the New Xbox Series X/S Consoles Offer?

According to leaked documents , Xbox Series X will come with a new version codenamed Brooklyn . In this version, the design will change completely and it will now switch to a cylinder shape.

It is also among the information revealed that the console, which will not include physical hardware such as a CD input, will come with the new generation USB Type C. Of course, since the disk location is changed, the console and storage space will also need to be changed. It is also reported that the initial storage space to be offered will be 2 TB . We will see over time how much this amount will increase with different options.

In addition to its important advantages such as Bluetooth 5.2 support and WiFi 6E support , the new Xbox Series X will consume 20% less energy. We will see that it offers 15% better performance than existing models .

To achieve this, Microsoft will use a new processor unit based on 6 nm .

Although it is not clear when the new Xbox Series

What Will Change for Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series S , which we will see with slightly fewer changes , will still be in rectangular form. 1 TB storage space, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 and 20% less power consumption will be among the new features of the console.

Pricing in this version is expected to be around $ 299 . We should also point out that, although it is not clear, the date that the model in question will go on sale is indicated as August 2024 .

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