Nintendo 2 Announces New Mario Game

Nintendo 2 Announces New Mario Game

Nintendo 2 Announces New Mario Game

Console and game giant Nintendo announced 2 new Mario games. Nintendo , which has an important place in the console and game market , announced 2 new Mario games. Nintendo recently held a special event called Nintendo Direct to showcase its games. The company announced 2 new Mario games at this event.

In addition, the company also announced other games. Nintendo last released Super Mario Maker 2 for Mario games. One of the 2 games announced by the company now will be a Remake and the other will be a new game for the series.

Nintendo Announces 2 New Games for the Mario Series

The first of these two games announced by Nintendo was a Remake for Super Mario RPG . This game was first released in 1996. The gameplay of the game is different from other Mario games we know, a turn-based combat system awaits us in this game. The company said it would improve the game’s graphics. The release date of the game has also been announced . Super Mario RPG will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 17 .

The name of the other announced Mario game was Super Mario Bros. Wonder . This game will be released as a 2D scrolling game. The last Mario game released like this was Super Mario Bros. U. It has been 10 years since the game was released. Therefore, it would be correct to call this new Mario game a 2D scrolling Mario game that comes after 10 years.

As for the innovations of the game, when we look at the trailer, we can say that the game allows CO-OP gameplay for 4 people. There are 5 playable characters in the game, these characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Yoshi are playable in the game. The company explains the game as the more innovative of the old Super Mario Bros games coming to Nintendo SwitchSuper Mario Bros. Wonder will be released for Nintendo Switch on October 20 .

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