Overdesigned Mission Walkthrough: Starfield

Overdesigned Mission Walkthrough: Starfield

You get to keep either the Starfleet Class-C Kepler R or Class B Kepler S in the Overdesigned mission of Starfield.

Stats Kepler R
Value 433570
Mass 2642
Fuel 2800
Hull 999
Cargo Capacity 3550
Shielded Capacity 0
Class Class C 24
Crew 6
Jump 28 LY
Shield 805
Weapons BAL 44

Kepler S

The Kepler S, the smaller of the two ships, doesn’t demand a significant investment in Piloting Skill. Despite its compact size, this ship boasts impressive features such as robust engines, ample cargo capacity, and a potent grav drive.

Due to its more compact design, the Kepler S offers superior handling compared to the Kepler R. With its enhanced maneuverability, you can engage in spaceflight effectively, but you’ll need to outfit it with weapons since it doesn’t come equipped with any. The specifications for the Kepler S are provided below:

Stats Kepler S
Value 176240
Mass 1474
Fuel 2800
Hull 689
Cargo Capacity 3200
Shielded Capacity 0
Class Class B 18
Crew: 3
Jump 27 LY
Shield 570
Weapons None

How to complete Overdesigned in Starfield

The “Overdesigned Bounty Mission” centers around your expertise in ship-related matters. You will be assisting Walter’s R&D Team in an advisory capacity for their ship designs.

You’ll have the opportunity to select between two ships, and your choice will determine the ship you ultimately acquire. The first option is the Class-B Kepler S, which possesses moderate capabilities suitable for the task. The other option is one of the largest and most superior vessels, the Starfield Overdesigned Kepler R.

Head to Stroud-Eklund Staryard and Find Jules

To initiate the process, make your way to Walter’s Staryard, specifically the Stroud-Eklund Staryard, situated on the Dalvik Star Station, which orbits the moon of Deepala.

Upon docking, head down the hallway and take the first left. You’ll discover the door leading to the meeting room, where all team members will already be assembled and awaiting your arrival. Engage in a conversation with the project lead, Jules Degante, who will address concerns regarding budgeting and market research. The team is at an impasse, unable to reach a consensus on a design that would propel the Kepler project forward.

The responsibility of making critical decisions will now rest on your shoulders.

Select the project budget

The initial challenge in the Overdesigned mission involves securing project funding from the Board in Starfield.

Jules will present two proposals: one for a Basic budget and another for a more expensive option. Opting for the first proposal will result in the creation of the top-tier Starfield Overdesigned ship, renowned as the best in the market. Alternatively, the second proposal offers a more pragmatic budget range that maintains quality standards.

When it comes to the Class-C Kepler R, it’s imperative to advocate for a higher budget to accommodate the entirety of the team’s design aspirations. A smaller budget allocation will yield the Class-B Kepler S ship, necessitating some compromises. You’ll need to engage in negotiations with Frank, convincing him to relinquish the luxurious aspects of his designs to make it feasible.

Persuade Jules (for Kepler R Ship)

Overdesigned Mission Walkthrough: Starfield

The Starfield Kitchen Sink budget is the larger one, and if you intend to proceed with it, you’ll need to convince Jules. This persuasion is essential as it strengthens her argument when presenting it to the Board.

To successfully persuade Jules, we opted for the Green choice, emphasizing Walter’s financial flexibility and indifference to costs. Next, we selected the Orange choice, representing a medium-difficulty option where we highlighted Jules as an exceptional leader. Lastly, we chose the Green option, emphasizing her willingness to see things from our perspective. These choices effectively convinced her to take on the challenge of approving the budget.

It’s worth noting that if you decide to go with the more practical, smaller budget, you can bypass the persuasion checks. This is a crucial consideration because failing to persuade Jules would result in a 100,000 Credit cost.

Persuade Frank (for Kepler S Ship)

If you manage to persuade Frank to go with a smaller budget, you will get the Kepler S Ship in the end. Failure here just means you must go with Jules and lose your chance to get the Kepler S Ship.

Give feedback to the team (optional objective)

Jules will mention getting to know the team before you head out for Market Research.


Simply go around the table, talk to them, and give them positive feedback on their proposals. It will allow you to build good relations and further solidify your path to Kepler R Ship. You can choose any route if you are aiming for the smaller Kepler S ship.

Do market research

To do Market Research, Jules will share that the ship can be either a single-purpose or multi-focused one, depending on the missions you will take.

Head to the Mission Board outside the meeting room, where you will be offered two combat and two transportation jobs. You must complete 2 bounty missions for Kepler R; anything else will lead to Kepler S.

After completing the Starfield Overdesigned Missions, report back to Jules, who will mention that there is still some discord among the members.

Should you choose Teambuilding or Compromise?

The last hurdle you will face will be to bring the team together on one page. It is an old problem that Jules has been frustrated with, so it will be up to you to make the right decision.

Teambuilding will lead you to Kepler R, with all features included and the team happy. Choosing to compromise will make the team drop extra functionality and give you the Kepler S ship, the smaller one out of the two.

After choosing The Lodge on the Jemison planet in the Alpha Centauri System, report to Walter about completing his request. He will thank and reward you for your hard work, thus completing the Overdesigned mission in Starfield.

Completing the Overdesigned quest will reward you with the Starfleet Kepler R or Kepler S, depending on your choices, with 7500 Credits and 200 XP in Starfield.

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