Payday 3 matchmaking error – how to fix it

Payday 3 matchmaking error - how to fix it

Matchmaking issues can be a real nuisance, especially if you’re itching to dive into the action-packed world of Payday 3. If you’re experiencing similar issues, you’re not alone . Many players are reporting problems with the game’s matchmaking system. But don’t worry, there are several possible solutions to help you get back into Payday 3 .

Here is our guide to the Payday 3 Matchmaking Error. I hope these issues will be resolved by the time the official release arrives. Use our Payday 3 countdown to keep track of how long you have left to wait!

How to fix matchmaking errors in Payday 3

There are several solutions to fix bugs and matchmaking issues in Payday 3, but they are not guaranteed solutions. These are workarounds or fixes that may work.

  • Reboot your Internet connection: Sometimes the age-old method of disconnecting and reconnecting can work wonders. A minor glitch in your Internet connection can cause significant problems in online gaming.
  • Restart Steam: Sometimes the problem may not be related to the Internet or the game, but to the Steam client itself. Restarting Steam can sometimes resolve these minor issues.
  • Switch connection method: If you are using WiFi, switch to a direct Ethernet connection. Conversely, if you are using Ethernet, try switching to WiFi and see if the situation changes.
  • Allow Payday 3 through Firewall and Antivirus: Sometimes a firewall or antivirus may block some aspects of the game. Make sure Payday 3 is enabled for them to prevent potential problems.
  • Wait for network issues to be fixed: As mentioned, the developers are aware of the issues and are working to fix them. Sometimes the best solution is to wait for an official patch or update.
  • Reboot your computer and network: A simple reboot will often resolve any remaining issues, so it’s worth a try.

It’s important to note that while these solutions may help, the underlying problem may be on the game server side. In such cases, players can only wait for the developers to post a fix. Patience is key, especially as more games move online.

Why doesn’t matchmaking work in Payday 3?

After the release of Payday 3 in Early Access, many players encountered matchmaking problems. This is primarily due to the fact that the game is always online, even in single player , which is a difference from its predecessors. The game requires a constant connection to the network, which makes it susceptible to the same problems that often arise in MMORPGs. Any connection issues will be reflected in the game and will result in any issues you may encounter.

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