Payday 3 Release Date Revealed! is coming

Payday 3 Release Date Revealed! is coming

Payday 3 Release Date Revealed! is coming

The first announcement for Payday 3 was made a few months ago. We also saw that a video was shared for the sequel series of the legendary game. The first announcements came, but there was no detailed introduction of the game and no release date was announced.

There was only information that the production would debut in 2023. Now, there has been a significant leak regarding the game’s release date and detailed promotion date. Judging by the leak, the production will be released very soon.

When Is Payday 3 Coming?

According to the information provided by Aggiornamenti Lumia source, famous for its leaks, the game will be on sale on September 21, 2023 . According to the information said to be included in the Xbox and Windows Store source codes, the detailed presentation will be held on June 11 .

We will see that more information is given for the game and the official release date of the game is announced. We started to eagerly await the launch of the game, which is said to be set in New York .

Because the old games of the series have a serious player base and there have been no new games for a long time. Naturally, we are talking about a game with high expectations.

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