PC best life simulators

PC best life simulators

A selection of the best games in which you can take responsibility for the life path of virtual characters.

Life simulators are not the most popular, but very interesting genre of video games. Where else can you feel like a god and control the fate of virtual characters? Although there are not many games in this genre, some of them may interest you and allow you to take a break from the usual shooters, MMORPGs and strategies. So, the best life simulators on PC.


Probably every gamer has heard about the games in The Sims series , regardless of which category he considers himself to be – casual or hardcore . Maxis studio has created an interesting, varied and full of possibilities sandbox , in which you can literally do anything – be it to make your Sim a superstar, or kill him in a sophisticated way (removing a ladder from a pool has already become a classic). And regularly arriving additions, catalogs and custom mods expand the games with new content and constantly stir up interest in them.

There are currently four serialized parts in the series, and we, of course, recommend the last, fourth. In it, Sims have become truly alive: they experience a storm of emotions, are able to perform several actions at the same time and react adequately to everything that happens around them. The only thing that can overshadow the pleasure of the game is a large number of expensive catalogs and add-ons, without which the basic version looks too poor. If you want to get the most out of The Sims 4, you’ll have to spend some money.


The possibilities of life simulator game Second Life seem endless. Judge for yourself: you find yourself in a virtual world where you are free to do whatever you want – fight in the arena, participate in orgies, build a personal spaceport, find your love . Moreover, thanks to rich customization , your hero may not even look like a person. Add to this a full-fledged social network , a “live” economy and the function of withdrawing money from the game – and you will understand why this project has its name.

You can study the online world of Second Life for months and years. Perhaps after getting to know this game, all the others will seem too bland and boring to you. But keep in mind that due to its age, the project may not be the most modern picture .


This life simulation game is known for its unusual creation story: it was developed by just one person , who devoted several years of his life to it, independently creating all the graphics, music and gameplay mechanics. If you want to know more, we recommend checking out the book Blood, Sweat and Pixels, which contains interesting details about the development of famous video games of recent years.

But let’s get back to Stardew Valley. Here you arrive in a small town, where your character inherited a small farm . This is what you have to develop, but unlike other farm games, the gameplay is not limited to watering the beds and raising livestock. You will also communicate with the inhabitants of the city, explore dungeons full of secrets , participate in festive events and even look for a soul mate for the hero. And with the addition of multiplayer, Stardew Valley is also an online game, so you can share your adventures in co-op mode with a friend .


Spore is not so much a life simulator as it is an evolution simulator , where you start by controlling a single-celled organism and end by conquering space . Moreover, the civilization that is under your leadership is completely the fruit of your imagination: you literally create creatures of all kinds of shapes and colors, and then watch them travel around the world, meet other creatures, create a society and rush to other worlds.

This game combines several genres , from arcade to real-time strategy , and at each stage of the development of civilization you will be introduced to new gameplay mechanics. Spore may get a little boring in the later stages, but the game will certainly surprise you with its uniqueness.


Another farm, but this time not pixelated and from a third person . Here, as in Stardew Valley, you inherit your father’s business and begin to restore it.

My Time At Portia allows you to live in a virtual world, doing a variety of activities: from tending garden beds and building to fighting huge bosses and taking part in horse races. All this is accompanied by a cute cartoon picture, surrounded by funny characters and an interesting role-playing system.


A cooperative pixel farm about a primitive community of nomads who will have to found and equip their first settlement, providing residents with shelter and food. Fishing , growing crops, hunting , exploring caves and taming wild animals – players will have plenty of activities.

In addition, each member of the tribe will traditionally be given a separate story and unique character, with the opportunity to build friendships and romantic relationships with them. Also in Roots of Pacha you have access to wide character customization and various events, which will include interesting activities for several players.


In I Am Future you will wake up from a deep cryogenic sleep in a future world that has experienced a global catastrophe. The cities are flooded with water and only the tops of buildings, covered with grass and trees, stick out above the surface. Among this concrete jungle, you will spend your days alone, decorating your new rooftop home, getting used to your new existence.

Make forays into neighboring buildings, find old junk and disassemble it into parts, from which you can assemble electronics, load artificial intelligence into it , and finally break the silence by talking with recreated robotic assistants. You will have to experience the hardships of farming, go fishing , remember engineering and try to save your life, because at night unprecedented creatures come who do not mind eating such a delicacy.


Reigns is one of the most fun and easy to understand medieval kingdom management simulators, which the developers were able to achieve using the left-right swipe mechanic.

However, if we are talking specifically about life simulators, then it is the sequel of Her Majesty that gravitates more towards similar gameplay, since here we are invited to play for a very young ruler, for whom matters of national importance may turn out to be less of a priority than various pranks and entertainment, if you can’t control it.


Brexit (the UK’s decision to leave the EU) has become one of the biggest political upheavals in the life of modern Europe, and still causes heated debate. Not Tonight presents a very interesting look at this event and its potential consequences from the point of view of an expat trying to survive in a new reality.

To make ends meet and avoid deportation, the main character gets a job as a bouncer, who controls the contingent of visitors to various pubs, parties and events, weeding out individuals who do not fit the new British standards. This is a thankless job that will inevitably lead to all sorts of problems and conflicts, but the money pays good, and you still want to change your bed bugs to something more comfortable, but you no longer want to return to your native third world country.


Cozy Grove is a charming game in which you play as the caretaker of Cozy Grove, a ghostly island where souls end up after death.

Despite the depressing premise, the game turned out to be extremely relaxing and even inspiring. You will make the new afterlife of the local inhabitants better and literally brighten up their everyday life by performing kind and useful deeds, thereby making the island more colorful and vibrant.


Cozy Grove is a charming game in which you play as the caretaker of Cozy Grove, a ghostly island where souls end up after death.

Despite the depressing premise, the game turned out to be extremely relaxing and even inspiring. You will make the new afterlife of the local inhabitants better and literally brighten up their everyday life by performing kind and useful deeds, thereby making the island more colorful and vibrant.


Fading Afternoon is a new game from the creators of The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa, which sharply increases the degree of seriousness, as here you are invited to relive the difficult everyday life of the seasoned yakuza Seiji Maruyama, who was released from prison.

The smell of freedom is very sweet, but how long your new law-abiding life will last depends on your behavior. The problem is that abruptly breaking with your criminal past is no less dangerous than returning to a slippery slope. And if you decide to go all out by going to bars, this will probably not lead to anything good either. In general, your choice is small, but it still exists, so try not to miss Seiji’s second chance at a new life, or at least live it brightly.


Although Life is Feudal is primarily an MMORPG where you constantly have to survive, perhaps this gameplay format best reflects the harsh realities of the Middle Ages.

The game doesn’t give you specific goals. Go anywhere and do whatever you want, but keep in mind that this will definitely not be an easy and fun adventure. You can become a simple farmer, blacksmith, lumberjack, hunter or even a knight. Whatever you choose, you will have to work hard to achieve your goal, and this is not to mention the fact that your life can suddenly end for a huge number of reasons that depend and are independent of you, including a treacherous attack by one of the players. What do you want? This is the Middle Ages, and here it’s every man for himself.


For some reason, we are all accustomed to the fact that life simulators are dedicated specifically to human life. If you think this approach is too banal and self-centered, then you should definitely pay attention to WolfQuest.

This is a unique simulator created so that players can fully experience the essence of natural selection from the point of view of a wolf . Playing as a predator is not the most difficult task, you say, but in the harsh realities of the wild, everyone is equal before the inexorable cycle of life, but how long you can stay on this mortal earth depends on your survival skills and ability to adapt to even the harshest conditions .


Despite the very unoriginal name, The Good Life is an extremely unusual life simulator, if you can even call it one. And this is no wonder, since the author of one of the strangest video games of our time, Deadly Premonition, is behind the project.

Although the story begins quite banal and harmless (a journalist comes to a small English town in order to uncover its secret), it soon turns into a real farce involving magic , knights and people turning into animals. And yes, the game invites you to continue leading an ordinary life in the midst of all this chaos, solving the financial and work problems of the main character.


As practice shows, fans of games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley are always willing to try something similar. However, although there are a huge number of similar farming life simulators, there are not so many worthy alternatives.

Littlewood is a pleasant exception, offering relaxing gameplay and a cozy atmosphere with the right level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

After a certain point, the game can feel a little too repetitive, but you’ll end up having a lot of fun adventures in the charming fairytale town of Littlewood.


Although in many ways Coral Island is a fairly traditional farming simulator, the setting and sense of unlimited freedom make this game truly unique.

You will be transported to a picturesque tropical island surrounded by coral reefs, which could be called heaven on earth if not for the environmental disaster after the recent oil spill. Fortunately, you can help make this island a cozy and safe place where people and exotic inhabitants can live happily in harmony with nature. However, on the way to this good goal there are many obstacles and a huge amount of work that will need to be done every day.


And this life sim talks about the difficult life of a YouTuber with all the difficulties and challenges that accompany it: it’s not enough for your hero to just stream on YouTube – you need to find a part-time job, upgrade your PC, come up with new ways to attract an audience, and interest potential investors. In general, there is a lot to do.

As a life simulator for a video blogger, Youtubers Life does an excellent job and covers the topic quite reliably. But you may find the gameplay rather monotonous, and the content runs out quickly. However, the theme of the game is too interesting to be ignored.


Another game close to the “farm” genre, this time dedicated to the exploration of a distant planet. You are a young farmer who has traveled hundreds of light years from Earth to open his own business on a mysterious planet. You have to tame and breed slimes – mysterious creatures that inhabit a strange world. And besides this, you will find in the game many quests, secrets, treasures , a crafting and construction system , and much more.

Slime Rancher attracts with its setting – you are unlikely to find another fantastic life simulator. The game will also certainly please you with its pleasant visual style: once you see the slimes, you will fall in love with them and will not want to leave the game world until you tame them all.


Simpler (in terms of the number of mechanics and their interaction) than The Sims, but still quite an interesting game about managing virtual people, where you have to create families, raise children and watch how generations change – one after another.

Unlike The Sims, in Virtual Families the life of little people continues even when you are not in the game: that is, when you start the session again, you may find that your ward has fallen ill or acquired new character traits in your absence. The project doesn’t have an end goal, but it does have achievements and you can try to get them all.


If all previous life simulators try to more or less truthfully reflect reality, then VRChat makes it as if you are looking into a distorting mirror. In fact, this is not so much a simulator as a set of rooms in which you can spend time with friends and random people: watch movies together , fight in online matches, explore unknown worlds, create masterpieces of fine art, and so on.

VRChat impresses with its wealth of features. Only here can Batman , Anime-chan and a dinosaur gather to dance on the moon. Memes are created here (you’ve probably heard of Ugandan Knuckles) and weekly podcasts are published, and you can find people to talk to on almost any topic. The game is designed for virtual reality devices, but you can download it even if you do not own a VR helmet .


Browser strategy , which takes place in a world similar to ours: all the countries of the world are represented here, and players can choose any of them and start working for its benefit. Moreover, the user cannot immediately take the helm of the chosen power – as in real life, here you can get a job, start your own business , found a political party , stand for election and then, if you’re lucky, take the post of ruler.

It’s probably easier to tell what eRepublik doesn’t have than to list all its features. Politics and war, economics and media, trade and production – many gameplay mechanics are implemented here, closely intertwined with each other. The only complaint about the game is that the picture is very sketchy: the entire gameplay consists of interacting with various menus and tables.


A social network game where you control the life of a virtual character, trying to make him the most successful and famous. There are so many options available to you, from designing your home to entering talent competitions and becoming a superstar.

Among other things, Avataria can boast a large selection of hero customization items, emotions, furniture elements and other decorations. Which will undoubtedly please players who like to stand out from the crowd.


Three weeks before the prom, which will undoubtedly become a key event for all students of Monster High School , the heroes begin to intensively search for a suitable partner. Players will have to pick up the keys to the heart of their chosen one, make important decisions and constantly find themselves in ridiculous situations.

A distinctive feature of the dating simulator Monster Prom is the competitive co-op for four users – an element of competition that sharpens the gameplay. Excellent art, pleasant music and funny dialogues will appeal to fans of the genre, but without a confident command of spoken English, players will have a hard time.


A life simulator in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout, in which players take on the role of the caretaker of their own shelter, which has finally opened after the infamous events. With due diligence, the underground structure will become a welcome home for hundreds of inhabitants of the scorched lands who survived the nuclear apocalypse.

Players will have to develop supply systems so that their charges do not feel the need for vital resources, send residents for supplies, arrange their life and routine, and also do not forget about their safety. Despite mixed reviews, which is generally a common thing for games from Bethesda , the project has acquired a large community and has proven itself well on mobile devices.


A humorous simulator of a young mother without much pretense of seriousness. From a first-person perspective, players will have to navigate the early stages of motherhood with all the attendant struggles like feeding the baby regularly, bathing, changing diapers and erratic sleep schedules.

The game is diversified by seventeen action-packed levels, in which you will not only have to take into account the needs of the robotic baby, but also not forget about your needs, and also keep order in the apartment. The main thing is not to perceive this project as a child care benefit. Affordable price tag and nice graphics included.


Somewhat similar to Stardew Valley, this is a simulator of a caretaker of a medieval cemetery. Developing a funeral business will often not have to be done in the most humane way. In addition, you will need stable social connections and patience – there is a lot of grinding in the game.

Graveyard Keeper has very graphic graphics, interesting and well-developed characters. Each character has a fascinating story, and the main plot is quite good. A leisurely and cozy game that will surely appeal to fans of custom farms.


Social online game – former “House 3”, similar in general principle to Secret Life. The in-game community revolves around a reputation system – the higher the character’s social status, the more successful your avatar is considered.

Despite the very outdated visuals and simple gameplay, the project still holds its own in the online chat segment and regularly pleases regulars with various events and updates.


Social online game – former “House 3”, similar in general principle to Secret Life. The in-game community revolves around a reputation system – the higher the character’s social status, the more successful your avatar is considered.

Despite the very outdated visuals and simple gameplay, the project still holds its own in the online chat segment and regularly pleases regulars with various events and updates.


If you really liked Animal Crossing, but don’t have a portable console at hand, you might want to pay attention to the game inspired by its setting, Hokko Life – a life simulator in a town with anthropomorphic animals, published by Team17.

The game features resource collection and crafting, farming, fishing, catching insects , wide scope for creativity when designing the appearance of the hero and your own home, and even designing individual furniture elements. The project will also delight you with pleasant pictures and interesting stories.


Another farm-type game, ideologically very similar to Stardew Valley. Here we also inherit a neglected property and begin to slowly put it in order, cleaning the territory, planting crops and going to a neighboring village, where we can communicate with the residents and celebrate some event.

A special feature of Monster Harvest are animal plants – mutants from potatoes, radishes and other crops will help you in battles and in farming. The project, of course, is far from the same Stardew Valley, so play strictly without experience in farms.


In this life simulator, the emphasis is on realism, which can be judged by the realistic picture. With a first-person view, you will become a resident of a small virtual town: get ready to arrange apartments, buy furniture and food, monitor health indicators, work and explore areas.

Currently, the game is in early access, so there is not as much content in it as in the same Sims. Nevertheless, the game is quite promising – so, if you manage your resources incorrectly, you can easily end up on the street and freeze at night.


A fabulous third-person farmer’s life simulator that throws you into a post-apocalyptic world. Most of the activities are already familiar to you – we take care of the household, tame and breed animals, remove garbage, collect resources and arrange a cozy house.

However, the setting itself will dilute this routine – so, you have to look for supplies in abandoned cities, dig through a landfill and even fight with robots , like in some action game . The game received many “very positive” reviews for its clever interweaving of mechanics.


The darkest life simulator in our selection, since here we have to play as a homeless man who doesn’t have a penny in his pocket. He needs to survive on the streets of a big city, but you decide how he will do it – honestly, or criminally. And given the fact that you need to keep track of many character parameters, you will think more than once about which path to choose.

The game supports co-op mode, which means you can share this unusual adventure with a friend.


This game, on the contrary, is cheerful and bright. Here you will look at the farm from an isometric perspective and do all the appropriate things – cultivating the fields, harvesting crops, exploring the world , arranging the house. The game does not keep you in a closed area and invites you to explore the surrounding area in search of secrets, as well as spend time in the village and take an active part in its life.

In general, this is another excellent game in its genre, but with amazing graphics, excellent Russian localization and an interesting plot.


In Travelers Rest you will become the owner of a tavern that awaits visitors from different parts of the fantasy world who came to your region for adventure or were simply passing by and wanted to stop for the night. With each new guest you will learn something new, and as the number of clients grows, so will their needs. You will have to arrange sleeping areas and dining rooms so that noisy companies will visit your establishment more often.

Attract people to your inn by preparing the best intoxicating drinks, the ingredients for which you will grow or obtain yourself in the immediate vicinity. But don’t forget about socialization. Make useful contacts and regular clients. Furnish the rooms of your hotel to your liking and do not forget to keep it tidy. Then the money will flow like a river.


Idol Manager is a business simulator that will make you discover the talent of managing young stars. The player will find new talents and develop their potential. Finding a suitable candidate is much easier than bringing him to the peak of fame. You will have to send your players to training, force them to prepare intensively for events, monitor their daily routine and performance schedules.

But we must not forget about the dark side of universal fame, because every idol is constantly under surveillance by vile paparazzi, who will try with all their might to get the hottest facts, delving into the dirty laundry of rising stars. Frenzied fans will also cause trouble, because they admire their objects of adoration like real idols and are ready to take desperate steps to get closer to them. And celebrities themselves can become depressed or suffer from star fever, so know when you need to rein them in.


My Child Lebensborn will tell a touching story about a poor orphan whom the player will take into his home to raise. You must surround your child with warmth and care so that a child who is intimidated and overwhelmed by a hostile environment will grow into a worthy, sensitive and cheerful person. You will go through many difficult stages, gradually becoming a close friend and a real parent for your adopted child.

You will learn to properly distribute time between work to provide your son or daughter with everything necessary, and communication with the baby. Play with him, help him learn, look after him, or just spend time with him so that he never feels lonely in this life again. The fate of this sweet child depends on your choices . He will be immensely grateful to you for your parental care, and you will be able to feel the soul of the little person more subtly.


The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is the story of the entire life of a man born in the harsh world of the Arknian Empire, presented in the original form of diaries, the events in which you write with your own choices. Not all of them will be simple; many fateful decisions await you, radically affecting the development of the plot. Every mistake will cost dearly not only to you, but also to other heroes of the game whom you will meet along the way.

Start as a commoner who grew up on the streets of a great state ruled by gods and clergy. A society divided into classes does not promise anything good for a young freethinker. He is not accepted only because he was not born into a family of nobles, which means we ourselves will have to work our way up from the very bottom, studying, working and earning titles. Death will not be the end for the hero, but will only force him to ascend after rebirth and follow the right path to his goal.


My Time at Sandrock is a continuation of the My Time At Portia project about a self-taught engineer who must take on the responsibilities of a jack of all trades in a new town. This time we will be sent to the prairies of Sandy Hills, where the players will set up their workshop to satisfy all the needs of the townspeople. In the post-apocalyptic world, all modern technologies have been lost, so you will rediscover them for a comfortable life for people.

Explore vast locations, collect resources and fulfill orders from the local population. Start with the simplest mechanisms that will help you process stone and wood, smelt metals and make objects. Make friends and relationships by spending your free time with new acquaintances while your factory is running. Fight against mutants and get lost drawings of ancient mechanisms in the catacombs.


Unpacking is a very leisurely game from an indie developer in which you will have to unpack boxes of things over and over again in your new place, but you will learn a lot about heroin in the process. You will go through many stages of a rapidly changing life with her. Experience a carefree childhood, a difficult period of growing up, the joyful feelings of first love, the grief of parting, attempts to find yourself.

You will plunge into 8 time periods from 1997 to 2018, finding yourself in 35 different rooms with a unique environment and sound. The protagonist will carefully remove memorable items from cardboard boxes, which can sometimes tell more than words. Place them in the space of your apartment, creating comfort and succumbing to nostalgia along with notes of light sadness.


Travel to the magical universe of Aluria in Grow: Song of the Evertree, where the Eternal Tree on which the worlds are located has begun to fade. Only you can breathe life back into the weakened shoots and stop the spreading desolation. Use your talent as an alchemist to protect the locals and restore peace to their homes.

You are free to travel to any corner of the planet, where you can meet a variety of animals and fantastic flowers. Build cities where new NPCs will come. Strike up a conversation with them and become comrades with your new neighbors. Arrange their life, fish, collect plants for your craft, visit mysterious caves in search of the secrets of the past. Grow your own unique worlds from magical seeds and watch them develop.


WorldBox is a deity simulator in which you take control of your personal planet. Start with terraforming. In the middle of a raging ocean , create land with mountains, forests, deserts , impassable jungles and stinking swamps. Hide sources of valuable resources in the bowels of the earth, sow the soil with grass and trees. Give free rein to your imagination and add hot springs, volcanoes and magical thickets to the map. Populate the area with strange animals.

Then create settlements of intelligent beings. These can be not only people, but also fantasy races of gnomes , elves , and orcs . Watch how little people enter uncharted territory, explore the space nearby, and build the first houses that will soon become part of large cities. Watch the rise and fall of empires, eternal squabbles and wars, and the extinction of entire civilizations. Or you can send terrible cataclysms, disasters and terrible monsters to the people who will cleanse the planet of your creations.


In Calico, you are invited to try yourself as the owner of a cafe in a magical world, where a great variety of funny and cute animals live, which will become your pets and brighten up the life of the establishment’s clients with their presence. Travel the world, collecting new four-legged cuties. They can accompany the hero on a journey , following commands, or go to the cafeteria.

Start setting up a restaurant. Arrange the furniture, choose the decor and wait for visitors. In the mini-game, prepare delicious pastries or drinks for your guests. Watch how people who come make new little friends and get positive emotions from communication. Brew magic potions that have unexpected and beneficial effects. Squeeze your furry pets, play with them and forget about the accumulated stress.


Dinkum will throw gamers into the world of the wild, where they will force them to survive using the environment. Among deserts and forests, you will begin your journey as a pioneer, collecting and hunting small animals. Build your first home on the river bank, catch fish for food, cut down trees and mine stone to make tools. Beware of predators that lurk in thickets and in the depths of reservoirs.

Take up farming, grow useful plants that will go to your table and to feed your pets. Start building a village and new NPCs will certainly come to it, who will become excellent neighbors. Share your world with friends who can come visit you and participate in the life of your growing city. Find entertainment for your group among the many activities offered. Use vehicles on long trips around the map and experience the spirit of real adventure.


Disney Dreamlight Valley will immerse players in the fairy-tale world of the Disney and Pixar cartoon universe, which is full of heroes and villains familiar from childhood . Team up with cartoon characters and other gamers to save the wonderful valley from a sudden attack. Drive away the evil from the magical castle and clear the lands of the ominous thorny plants sprouting everywhere that tear apart pleasant memories, sending this magical place into oblivion.

Customize your character using the editor, customize the hero with hundreds of items from an extensive wardrobe. Occupy and furnish the house as you wish, unlocking new furniture and other interior items. Cook food, work in the garden beds, transform your town with Mickey, Goofy, Wall-e, Remy and take part in a fascinating adventure story, visiting locations famous from the works of animators.



For those who are already tired of waiting for something new from the creators of The Sims, Life By You certainly looks promising.

This is a new project from Paradox, which, in addition to a huge number of excellent strategies, can boast of the successful city-planning simulator Cities: Skylines.

The game will include a vast open world , an advanced character creation editor and deep mechanics for building your own home or even a dream city, the lives of whose inhabitants you can watch.


A post-apocalyptic simulator of orphans in a destroyed city, vaguely similar to This War of Mine, only a handful of homeless teenagers have to survive in this cruel world: huddle into a close-knit flock, pick up those in need, repel hooligans, find supplies and arrange a place to stay for the night – all that kind of stuff.

You will have to organize forays for food, water and medicine, engage in crafting using all kinds of rubbish, build, improve and defend your territory. A demo version of the game is currently available on Steam .


This curious indie simulator will provide unprecedented scope for creating your own dream home. According to the developers, it implements an advanced modeling system, thanks to which you can not only customize every corner of your new home in detail, but also breathe into your avatar an image that fully meets the player’s needs.

A large open world is promised , filled with an abundance of interesting places and “smart” characters, the ability to travel by bicycle, car and water transport, have pets and enjoy all seasons. The game’s release date has not yet been announced. You can follow the development of the project on the official website or on Steam.







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