PC Building Simulator 2 Beta Process Has Started! You Can Try It Now for Free

PC Building Simulator 2 Beta Process Has Started! You Can Try It Now for Free

PC Building Simulator 2 Beta Process Has Started! You Can Try It Now for Free

The legend of PC Building Simulator, a complete system assembly simulation, continues. With the event held yesterday, it was announced that the beta process for the PC Building Simulator 2 game has started.

It would be correct to say that rather than a sequel, a new game that is richer and more comprehensive in terms of content has arrived. Let’s move on to the details about the game and the good news about the beta process.

What kind of game is PC Building Simulator 2?

There will be two different modes in the game. The first mode will appear as the story mode. In this mode, you will be able to establish your own business.

In your own PC business, you will collect PCs, learn to repair, unlock new equipment and tools, and try to grow your business.

In the second part, we will face the standard system assembly simulation. With over 1200 current components, you will be able to assemble, test or overclock your own system.

It should be said that content such as customizable rooms, new furniture and posters have also been added to the game.

In short, we will be faced with a full PC assembly simulation with much more content and components .

How Will the Beta Process Work?

If you want to take a closer look at the new game and test the innovations, we can say that the beta process is just for you.

You can join the open beta on the game’s Epic Games page until June 20 Within the scope of open beta, it will be possible to try the game with certain content for a certain period of time.

Users who participate in the open beta process will also have an advantage when the game is released. If you join those who try the game during this beta period, you will receive an extra 15% discount when the game is released. I’m adding the game page for the beta here .

There is no information about the release date and price yet. It has only been announced that the release date is 2022, and the release date currently appears as “Coming Soon” on the Epic Games Store .
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