Playstation Announces New Wireless Headset

Playstation Announces New Wireless Headset

Playstation Announces New Wireless Headset

Playstation ‘s new wireless headset has been announced. Sony introduced its new wireless headset. The company showed this headset for the first time at the Playstation Showcase. The company has actually been making PlayStation brand-specific headphones for years. However, with this headset, the company will produce wireless in-ear headphones for the Playstation for the first time. Since Sony has been producing headphones and sound systems for a long time , it is not surprising that it makes special headphones for the Playstation brand.

Sony also announced a headset when the Playstation 5 was announced. During the PS4 era, the old generation console, special headsets for Playstation were released. At Gamescom, which took place in the past days, Sony gave more information about this headset and announced another headset.

When Will Playstation Pulse Explore Be Released?

Sony gave information about their newly announced headphones and new handheld consoles at the recent Gamescom. We previously made news about Sony’s new handheld console. The company gave more details about its new wireless headphones at the event. The name of the headset will be Playstation Pulse Explore. Additionally, with this headset, the company says that they aim to offer a high-end portable audio experience.

There will be two microphones on the headset, an AI-improved sound canceller, and a charging box next to it. The company announced in their statement that the headset will have lossless audio support. Playstation Pulse Explore will be released with a price tag of $200.

The company announced another headset at this event. This headset will be an on-ear model. In terms of design, it is very similar to Pulse 3D announced with PS5. The name of this headset will be Playstation Pulse Elite. Pulse Elite will feature lossless audio transfer and AI-improved sound blocker. In addition, Pulse Elite will also have a microphone and charging stand that you can move. Pulse Elite, on the other hand, will be released with a sales tag of $150. The company has not yet announced the release date of either headset.

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