PlayStation State Of Play Date Announced!

PlayStation State Of Play Date Announced!

PlayStation State Of Play Date Announced!

Summer is here and announcement times for new games are approaching. At this point, we were also expecting news about important events. The first news we were waiting for came. An official date has been announced for the PlayStation State Of Play event .

We hope to see the AAA series games we have been waiting for a long time at the event, which will be held earlier than expected this year.

When will PlayStation State Of Play be held?

According to the announcement made by Sony, the event in question will be held on the night of June 3 . If we evaluate it in Türkiye time, we will see that the event is held at night. There is no information about which games will be announced within the scope of the event, which will be held at 01:00.

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The announcement for high-level productions such as God of War Ragnarok is also expected to be at this event.

It is said that there will be not only games, but also extra announcements from Sony. We are also expecting extra announcements such as announcements for PlayStation VR2 and additional announcements about the new Plus series.

We will also share the announcements made after the event. Let’s see what surprises it will be possible to see this year.

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